My Own List of Knitting Organizers – August Knitting Organization Project Part 3

Just to show you how things go: last night I sat down with a Yankee Magazine from March/April 2015. LOVE this magazine, because it is all things New England and it takes me back to when my husband and I owned an Inn in New Hampshire about 10 years ago. You can read all about THAT here and here.

There is the cutest 2-page article entitled “Jeepers, We’re Keepers” and it gives a list of procrastinatin’ names we probably all suffer from! Like “Accumulitis” – how cute is that! It gives a description of all six. When you’re done reading this, be sure to pop over and see that article, you’ll laugh! 🙂

This month as you know, I’m getting my knitting together and doing basic office organization. The goal: a more streamlined workflow and an increase in all productivity! I can see it all coming together already!

Here are some of the new knitting organizers I am ordering, and WHY . . . (just click the pictures for yours!)

Do you have knitting magazines? I mean, DO YOU HAVE KNITTING MAGAZINES? Like Vogue, Simply Knitting, Piecework, Love Knitting, Knit Simple, Creative Knitting, and all those yarn catalogs, too!

This way I can use niche tags to look for whatever I’ve labeled on the front of the organizers. And I love the colors too! 🙂


Here’s a little something for cleaning everything first.

Endust Aerosol Duster, 2-Pack

This stuff is fabulous for cleaning electronics and all your gadgets, and for getting into all of the little crevices of your printer and other desktop items. It certainly beats cleaning the old-fashioned way; where your cloth can’t even get into the small places.

Here’s how to clean: start from the top down!


I love the OXO brand and they have a really nice Microfiber Extendable Duster.
This is great on furniture, blinds, walls, fans, lamps and lights and just about everything. It’s washable and don’t forget to clean your computer and laptop screens off with them, too.


Now here is something I’m really looking forward to getting! Remember that messy desk you saw in my previous post? This will SO help my paper explosions. Besides that I’m always writing notes to myself and starting new lists (don’t you?) that sit here, there and everywhere all over the place, very messy and very disorganized! Just ask my husband!


Speaking of disorganized . . . these will look nice and neat on my closet shelf. I have a lot of different knitting projects going at once, and to keep them from all rolling into one huge “cacophony of cockamanie clap-trap” (I LOVE that phrase  — from The Odd Couple, and said by Howard Cosell) — they’ve been separated into shopping bags!

How awful is that! Now, I can put them within easy reach and see what I want to pick next! How nice is that! Organized!


I’m going to go out on a limb here, and say you have just as much knitting disorganization as I do. Papers and patterns you tear out of magazines or print from your computer, little notes you make to yourself so you KNOW what a certain something means. 😉

I’m a BIG fan of Evernote. If you’ve never  heard of it, it’s a FREE service which you can sign up for and drop ALL of your ideas, links, patterns, notes, and everything else in your life that matters! There are premium and business plans to buy, but for me, for now, the free version is more than I could ask for. If you like something you see online, you can copy and paste that link into Evernote.

Here’s the cool thing: you can sync your account across all of your devices. Laptop, tablet, smartphone, and you never have to SAVE a thing because it’s all automatic. Then wherever you go, you can see your Evernote stuff. Just download the app.

Now I see this:

You can even pick it up as a Kindle download. Did you know you can also download the free Kindle for your PC? This way any book you see on Amazon for $2. or $3. — you can have it downloaded right there! And NO shipping costs. How cool is that!

All I know is: You’ll never lose notes or ideas again!

This should take care of a lot of my desk mess very nicely. In Evernote, you can easily use the SEARCH feature to find anything super fast. It’s clean, efficient and super organized! What a time saver!


One last item, for now,

Sterilite Large Flip Top Storage Boxes Set of 6. These are lifesavers for yarn and completed projects. Or magazines, recipes, knitting patterns, needles, accessories or clothes. Put away, out of sight out of mind.

I’ll finish organizing and rearranging my knitting space and home office . . . and decide if there are other things to purchase, too. This has been such fun, and I HIGHLY recommend it to you! Your brain will thank you for it!

So, for now, click through some of the links above and organize your life; knitting or otherwise!

As always, take your knitting to heart!     Glitter heart

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  1. Julia Dawn Mason says:

    Hi Alice,
    I just finished a baby blanket for my daughter to give to her coworker who is expecting a baby in a few weeks.I used Knit Picks Brava in the Sky color using a basket weave pattern that is a faux pattern since the pattern is only on the right side, the wrong side is totally different. I go back to work on Monday and when I get paid on Sept. 4th I will be buying some soap making supplies. I am going to try make some soap. I have been watching some soapi making videos on you tube and one person at has the best ones of all I have seen. She explains it very simply and tells you exactly what to buy for setting up to start. It has been very hot here in Lakeland. A few minutes ago I was taking the dogs for a walk and two cops and a helicopter were outside our house, looking for some one. I decided that we didn’t need to get involved in it so we went back inside.

    • Hi Julia,
      I can’t believe the week has gone by so fast, I can’t find enough hours in the day for all I want to do! The baby blanket sounds lovely, I’ve made many a baby gift too for friends of friends and it’s such a nice thing to do.

      I tried soapmaking about 10 years ago, there are so many scents and ways to create them; then I found out I’m allergic to soaps, (bad dermatitis) so i figured it wouldn’t be a good idea anymore! Good luck with your new hobby, let me know how it goes.
      Sure hope the police found who they were looking for! I always get nervous when I see scenes like that.
      Have a great weekend! Happy knitting, Alice
      Alice Seidel recently posted…My Own List of Knitting Organizers – August Knitting Organization Project Part 3My Profile

  2. Julia Dawn Mason says:

    My daughter informed me that another co worker is expecting a baby after the new year. She thinks she is having twins but she is not sure.She will find out when she has an ultrasound done in a few days. I printed out some pictures of knitting pattern stitches for my daughter to show her so she could pick the one she likes. I am going to knit it in Knit Picks Brava in the color Alfalfa. I just finished a hat for one of the kids who comes through my crossing, I just have to put the pompom on it. Then I will start a hat and glove set for a young lady who walks home from her bus stop and comes by me every day. Sometimes she stops and talks with me for a few minutes. I already have some Knit Picks Swish DK weight to make the hat and some Stroll for the gloves . I recently finished a pair of socks and have several balls left over.

  3. Sorry for the delay, I’ve been busy with everything this week! Last weekend was SO beautiful here in NJ we spent all 3 days out and about. So nothing much gets done at home.
    You have been busy! I love the Brava yarn too, and so many colors to choose from.
    I’m almost done re-organizing and will have the last post out about it next week. Everything in its place, so nice! Now to get through all my waiting projects. It’ll take a while, but that’s goal #1.

    Enjoy your knitting Julia!
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