Stress-Free Knitting Patterns

Blueberries on a tableSummertime and the living is easy!

Well, I don’t know about that, but it is deep into summer and who wants to think about taking on any kind of complicated knitting project?Just stress-free knitting patterns is what I like in mid-summer.

You know the ones I’m talking about; with charts that are 50 rows long and numerous knitting stitches that you need to review on YouTube, just to remember how to knit them! Yes?

When it’s hot outside, you want to be comfortable wherever you are. That includes taking on your knitting, too. Find those patterns that are easy to knit, east to finish and easy to begin again. Because once you’ve made one, you will want to go back and try other stress-free knitting patterns! 🙂

That’s the beauty of knitting, and like I’ve said all along, just another SECRET to the craft! Keep it simple! Don’t try things you’re not sure about, because chances are they WON’T turn out very well, and then you will have convinced yourself that knitting is not for you!

How wrong you are!

In this quick post, (I know, you’ve got better things to do with your summer days) I’ve included a few links to some stress-free knitting patterns. Nice and relaxing for those times when you don’t feel like thinking too hard or moving too much; just enough to keep knitting!

  1. Feather and Fan Scarf. One of my favorite knit stitches and so easy and versatile! It goes well with just about EVERYTHING you knit.
  2. Apple Orchard Scarf. This is one of my favorite scarves to wear. So warm and snuggly; make a bunch and pass them around!
  3. Christmas Patterns. Already! Because next week IS August and soon summer will be a memory! (Oh, say it isn’t so!)
  4. Dishcloths. These are SO nice to pair up, or do five of them, tie them with pretty ribbon and sell them at craft fairs!  This lady, Rachel, has SO many patterns to choose from and one is nicer than the next! These are a GREAT way to practice your knit and purl stitches if you are just starting out or are fairly new to knitting!
feather and fan stitch

Feather & Fan Stitch

Apple Orchard scarf

Apple Orchard Scarf

stress free knitting patterns

Knitted Dishcloths

Always make some time for knitting!

It’s that important. It’s good for your health and your peace of mind, too.

I’ll keep this post short, but keep your eye out for next week’s August Knitting Room Organization Project. It’s promising to be a doozy!

I’m going to be re-organizing a spare bedroom where I have a HUGE armoire of yarn and knitting accessories, plus lots of stuff all over the place! Get ready for some serious knitting happenings!

So, click one of the links above, print out a stress-free knitting pattern and relax with your knitting! 🙂

As always, take your knitting to heart! stress free knitting patterns



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  1. Julia Dawn Mason says:

    I am try a new idea, knitting some lace using several different lace patterns and knitting it till it measures about 5 and half feet long. I will sew the ends up a few inches to make a sleeve and it will be a lace shrug.I am making it for my daughter in law’s Christmas gift. I have casted on knitted a few rows and ripped it out since it looked too messy. I will eventually get it look nicer and get started on the lace work.

    • Hi Julia,
      That is a VERY cute idea! Once I finish my current scarves I just may do something like this for my daughter and DIL for Christmas. How many times I’ve done things like this too; and ended up ripping them out and trying again. But, it’s fun deciding on trying new things!
      Have a great August knitting Julia, hope you’re feeling better!
      Alice recently posted…Stress-Free Knitting PatternsMy Profile

  2. Julia Dawn Mason says:

    I am feeling a lot better. I have my hearing aids in. My daughter just asked me about something on her computer that she was looking at, she didn’t know what it opened. It was an old style Key that opened a canby inserting a tab of metal into a slot on the key and turning the ,rolling the metal strip around the key, like the key on cans of Spam. I told her that was what it was. I go back to work on the 24th when our schools start up for the 2015-2916 year. I will be trying a new hobby, soap making. If it turns out good I will have Christmas gifts for several people on my list.
    The lace knitting finally got started and is moving along .I have 4 inches done and when I get another pattern I will undo the provisional cast on and knit the edgefor the sleeve end. I want it to look scalloped some what. I just have to find a stitch that will work with the number of stitches i have on the needle.