5 Tips for Getting the MOST Out of Your Knitting Space

My August Knitting Re-organization Project is coming along nicely. All month I have been busy cleaning, rearranging and organizing. It really is a GOOD feeling! My goal: the ideal knitting setup to increase my productivity and to improve my daily knitting and office workflow. On that note, here are 5 tips for getting the MOST out of your knitting space.

But, before I get into those, let me say this summer has been awesome! Weather-wise, to be sure! Just about every weekend was sunny, hot and bright! Now, that we’re coming into the ‘home stretch’ so to speak, with Labor Day weekend just around the corner, it’s promising to be another stellar couple of days. I really don’t like it when like a light switch right after Labor Day the days cool down to jacket-wearing temperatures. I’m not ready for that yet!

Organizationally, too! It really does make such a difference to clear out and fix up, entirely differently from where you started. New ideas start to pop up, and they will give way to new ways of doing things as well.

How To Set Up A Home Knitting Space

How you set up your knitting space is entirely up to you. It has everything to do with what you do exactly, and how your personality traits come into play when setting up your ideal workspace. That said, there are some tips to keep in mind anyway . . .

  1. Choose Your Right Spot. For me that’s my living room. I have space enough in a beautiful Peterboro basket to keep all of my working projects in; any overflow will always be welcome in a side chair or coffee table. In my re-organized second bedroom, I’ve decided NOT to bring in a second bookshelf. I re-organized all of the books by category, then transferred the not-so-important ones out to the garage bookshelf. Armoire with knitting stash My knitting books will be stored at the bottom of the armoire. Knitting stash and other yarns have also been stored by fiber; most are sitting pretty in the closet. Out of sight, yet known to me when I need them. Knitting needles will be transferred to storage cases, as will all of my knitting magazines. Knitting patterns will be put into 3-ring binders so anytime I print something off of the Internet, I know there is a space for that pattern ready and waiting for it! Choosing your knitting right spot is all up to you. Wherever you know you will make the most of your knitting time is where you should situate yourself.
  2. Keep Distractions to a Minimum. Don’t be the center of attention. Nothing will ever get done. Don’t have your knitting ambitions right there with laptops, tablets, smartphones and the like; these are constant interruption-makers. Any time a notification “ding” comes along, you’ll be tempted to drop everything just to see what it is. (Frankly, how important are those dings??) For me, I like having the TV there; my knitting and the television are BFFs. There’s always the mute button. 😉
  3. Make it Your Space With Proper Furniture and Lighting. The same can be said for organizing your home office; start with a sturdy desk and comfortable chair.black office chair When you knit, make it the same. Always ensure your lights are bright enough, too. One of the ways to end up with eye strain is by not having enough lamplight. Especially now, when the days will be getting shorter. (And duller.)
  4. Personalize It! Have favorite books or magazines you want within arm’s reach. You may have favorite pictures or desk gadgets that you can’t live without. Include any and everything that will not have you constantly getting up and searching for them. Tape measure, scissors? Cable needles or stitch markers? Have them all right there. Of course, don’t forget your favorite radio stations for those weekly listening events. You can get these right off of your smartphone, and no, it’s not so much a distraction, more of an incentive, if you’re the type of person who loves music while you knit. I love listening on Sunday mornings from 7 – 10 a.m. to WOGL.com and The Elvis & Friends Show!  woman knitting in a dungeon Or 9 p.m. Sunday evening on WQXR it’s Old School with David Garland, all about music from the Middle Ages.
  5. Get the Clutter Out! Isn’t that what all of these posts, here and here and here and here, have been all about? Start with de-cluttering your brain first, then get it all down on paper, make a plan and go to it! Always keep your knitting space clean and organized; anything new that comes into it (or into your work area) and it immediately goes into the Stacks Basket to be filed away before the end of that day!

Consider Ways YOU Can Be More Efficient . . .

Put some thought into ways you can achieve more in less time in your knitting space. For example, I mentioned having all of your knitting accessories and pattern help right at your fingertips so there’s not constant hopping up and down for knitting things once you’re situated. This goes for phone calls, too. Not everything is THAT important, that you have to answer it right then. When you schedule time to knit, if you must, let others know you won’t be available for an hour or so tonight, because you’re doing something else.

Otherwise, nothing will get done.

The same can be said for paying your bills, going through junk mail, working from home, or just plain ol’ browsing online. If you let distractions get to you, they will. Maybe even best to ‘chunk out’ time for certain tasks; this way you’re guaranteed to see them completed.

Anyway, I hope this gives you some smart home knitting space ideas. I have gotten a LOT out of the blog posts, and plan on re-visiting each one for even more inspiration. 🙂

Remember, always use what you have; you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars in re-making any space. Turn cardboard boxes into spray painted book or magazine holders, use old pouches or tote bags just hanging around for knitting needles and yarn storage, or simply re-arrange your furniture for greater capacity. closet organization Move smaller pieces into closets (like I did here), and make good use of those plastic storage bins; they are good for just about everything!

I’d love to hear how you knit best in your space, what’s working for you in your knitting space (or home office) – and what’s NOT, and anything you recommend for smoother workflow.

Leave a comment & let’s discuss it!  5 Tips for getting the MOST out of your knitting space!

As always, take your knitting to heart!                       Glitter heart


P.S. Here are THREE books (I love books!) I recommend for some quiet reading time this autumn . . .!

I don’t know if you’ve ever read anything by Wayne Dyer, but I was saddened to hear of his passing last weekend. He was so inspiring!

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