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Seaside Park NJ

Labor Day 2015

Today we will be heading over to Seaside, NJ to bid a fond farewell to ONE BEAUTIFUL SUMMER!!  Like I commented on Facebook, it has been a superlatively spectacular summer in New Jersey this year! Every weekend has looked like this! We’ve been there a lot this year; and it has always been throbbing with activity. From one end of the boardwalk where rock music is blaring to the other end of the boardwalk with its calypso flavor, it’s been almost too good to be true!

I just finished my latest afghan for my Etsy Shop. It’s called the Stained Glass afghan, because the yarn I used was a stained glass color. The yarn itself is Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable yarn. This yarn comes in MANY colors and striations of colors.

Some of the Unforgettable yarn features and benefits include:

  • Soft to the touch
  • Beautiful one-of-a-kind colors
  • Affordably priced
  • Perfect for scarves or afghans
  • Machine washable

Unforgettable yarn Stained GlassUnforgettable yarn is 100% acrylic, but not the acrylic you’re thinking of. You could put this yarn against your skin all day long and never feel itchy. Years ago that’s all acrylic yarns seemed to be. They have improved so nicely. And companies such as Red Heart have developed brand new lines of acrylic yarns that are perfect for many projects.

So, here’s what I think:

Yarn Durability: Very soft and pliable. But, here’s my ONE complaint: almost too pliable. If you are at all familiar with mohair yarn and how hard it can be to knit with it because it always seems to be coming apart or fraying when you are knitting across a row, Unforgettable yarn is a lot like that. This is because Unforgettable yarn is roving yarn. Now what is that, you say? 🙂

Roving yarn is yarn that is a long and narrow bundle of fiber. Roving yarn is a specialized type of yarn; not your usual acrylic. This type of yarn has a more fuzzy feel to it on top; that’s why it so reminds me of mohair yarn. Easy to knit with, BUT not that easy!

Now, I used a size 11 needle, but I’m thinking no matter what size needle I would have used, the results would have been the same.

All I’m saying is this: take your time knitting across your rows. Too often the yarn will snag, which is just the nature of the yarn itself, and you can find yourself picking up only half of the next stitch because of it. Knitting is easy, except for this one little snag (literally). Now that my afghan is finished, I expect it will last for many years.

Colors: Unforgettable yarn comes in other colors besides Stained Glass. There is Bistro, Candied, Cappuccino, Dragonfly, Echo, Meadow, Parrot, Petunia, Polo, Springtime, Sunrise, Tealberry, Tidal and Winery. I did a scarf in the Tidal color and LOVE it!

I also love the self-striping variation you get with Unforgettable yarn. You don’t have to do a thing; the yarn will continually change colors as you knit.

Easy Care: Unforgettable yarn is machine-washable and you can throw it in the dryer on low, too. VERY affordable, which is the best thing!

Perfect for: scarves, afghans, baby blankets, baby clothes, shrugs, or infinity scarves.

Stained glass afghan My recommendation: NOT for beginners. If you’re very comfortable knitting and have used lots of different yarns and textures, you’ll be okay with Unforgettable yarn. It can be slightly difficult to knit with it, IF you are new to knitting. Otherwise, Unforgettable is beautiful for so many projects! The colors are gorgeous. Like I’ve always said — use simple stitches and go with stunning colors, and you’ll have a HIT on your hands every time!

Just another secret to knitting!

If you are brand new to knitting, knit with a wool yarn, or a comfortable acrylic, such as Simply Soft. They are great for new hands touching knitting needles; this yarn won’t fly off the needles or disappear or snag easily.

Don’t you love knowing that you can create new knitted items that only LOOK expensive! A yarn such as Red Heart Unforgettable will do that for you! Be sure to check out some reviews from Amazon right here.

I can tell you this: if you do knit with Unforgettable yarn, you will have some very pretty pieces on your hands. Then, when Summer is long gone, you can stay warm and not be so bothered by those cold winter winds! (That never seem to end.)

So, go find some Red Heart Unforgettable yarn by clicking on the links above!

As always, take your knitting to heart! Glitter heart

P.S. Here are a few pictures of our trip today to Seaside NJ. We walked from Seaside Park all the way to the Casino Pier in Seaside Heights. The sky couldn’t have been bluer, the water is between 76 – 80 degrees, and the breezes are blowing. It was perfect!

Unlike a lot of my knitting 😉

Seaside heights NJ

Atlantic Ocean Seaside NJ

Swingtime in Seaside NJ


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