Fun Update On My Knitting Reorganization Project

Empty beach late summerWow! Just like that . . . it’s not summer anymore! I mean, it’s still summer – yet summer has moved on. We woke up yesterday to temps in the low 50s, yikes! It was cool all day, brilliant sun, yet not summery at all. Kids are back to school, even my grand daughter is in her 3-yr-old preschool class, which I can’t believe! Now, mornings are usually foggy, and gossamer webs cover the grass.

So, this weather puts me in mind to do some serious knitting!

Let’s face it, the warm breezes are great, the hot sun and the walks on the boardwalk (which we will still do until Columbus Day when everything closes down until next year), but Autumn beckons. A most magical season; not because of Halloween (don’t get me started on that lunacy!) but because the changing of the seasons are  so pretty! And colorful. And there’s lots of yarn to go with it!

In early October I plan on taking a trip to NYC (which is only an hour away) with my daughter, to pop in to some fabulous yarn stores. I’ll be posting on these in October. Can’t wait! 🙂

In the meantime I thought I’d give you a quick update on how things are going, what changes I’m making, and some of the cool resources I’ve found – plus some new decisions I’ve been making along the way (and why.)

Closet makeoverThis August Knitting Reorganization Project thing has been a HUGE  project. I started it in early August and have finished about 95% of my re-organizing. That’s okay. Sometimes you miss a deadline. Just keep at it, don’t quit, get in there even if it’s for just 30 minutes a day. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results.

That’s been my motto for the last month or so




I LOVE the way this relates to my knitting tasks, too. Anytime I feel overwhelmed or exhausted with it, I just stop and say “just do it.” Then go right back to a SINGLE task. Just one thing, any thing. Then JUST DO IT. This is a great way to train your mind to look at the “work” at hand and tackle it.

As I went I knew there was a need for a new way of thinking about my knitting. Especially the re-organizing of it all. It was HUGE — and you can read that in Part 3 here. And I’m happy to report I did it all myself!

The tools I have all needed to be put in better places and that includes all of my loose patterns; you know how you find something and print it out. Then, what do you do with it?!! 🙂

No more piles for me.

Fun Update Knitting Reorganization

How I Set Up My Knitting Workspace (and how YOU can too!)

I have to tell you, it’s all in the activity. What I mean to say, is that it will work itself out as you go. So, before you go a step further, take the time to read my former posts, starting with the two links above and this link here, which is the latest post in my Knitting Re-Organization Project.

I took EVERYTHING apart. Closets, books, magazines, armoire, desk and computer desktop.

First off, it’s great to clean house.

Secondly, it will give you ideas on how to re-organize, which is your MAIN goal in all of this. Initially, I was going to bring in another bookcase for all the books. Instead, I took OUT the books which are secondary to me, and placed them in a bookcase in the garage. I also went through all of my YARN, and threw out some old stuff, which I’m really not ever going to use again. Be real, in your assessments!

Thirdly, get your organizers. My new desk shelf organizer is like a dream! All of my desk paperwork is now in one place, neatly stacked and easily accessible. My yarn is all categorized by fiber, projects and finished. So, when I want to look for something in particular, I know just where that is. Easy!

My office makeoverFourth, put it all back. But, NEW this time. Deciding where to place everything is fun now that it’s all organized. The only things still waiting to be put back are all my loose knitting patterns and magazine articles. I have a large handled file folder for this — I just haven’t gotten to it yet. My WIPs (works in progress or soon to be) are in a large turquoise basket which has a list of everything there, so I can see before I need to dig too deep.

Fifth, keep it all organized. Don’t forget your Stacks Basket! Everything new goes there, and by days’ end you decide what to do with it. File it, trash it, delete it, use it, — but do something with it.

I was actually able to sit down at the desk yesterday and work on computer things; writing my blog, catching up on recorded webinars or YouTube videos, everything is in its place.

As far as all of my notes go, start a file on Evernote and dump everything in there; you can access Evernote from anywhere; your computer, phone, tablet, so anytime you need to see your notes, just pull it up! VERY convenient and very neat!

Remember, if you are working in a small space, the MORE you need to keep it clean and organized so you can focus on your priority projects and tasks. The less distractions the better! Efficiency is the key; make the BEST use of your space however much you have.

Next month I will be talking about some yarn store experiences I’ll have in NYC. My daughter and I are planning to drive in one Sunday in early October. I’m also looking to do a post all about “digital knitting.” Places to complement your knitting, knitting sites that are informative and helpful. That should be very interesting.

What’s Coming Up Next From Scarf Knitting

Making all of these physical improvements helps to clear not only the space around you, but gets your mind clear, too. I’ve fallen behind on some knitting projects, and others I’ve yet to implement. Before the end of 2015 there are a few things yet left to do:

  • Start a Facebook Group
  • Begin Knitting Videos
  • Implement Small Knitting Reports

These will keep me busy for weeks to come! In my nice, neat, ordered knitting space. That includes my living room area which has also been cleaned up. Now, there are only the projects I’m working on there. Cool!

My life is just a work in progress. Just like yours. Tell me what YOU think and offer any advice or info on how you’ve organized your knitting life, too! 🙂

As always, take your knitting to heart!       Glitter heart

P.S. I would love to hear what you’re working on! Have you been re-organizing or re-building? Thoughts, questions, resources or ideas you want to share? I’m here!

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  1. Julia Dawn Mason says:

    You have been very busy Alice.I went back to work when our school started about a month ago. I have finished the hat and one glove, the second glove is on the needles now. My daughter and I just got back from Walmart ,I had to get a few things, we took her dog into the store, she was carrying him, he is a little long hair miniature dachshund.

  2. Hi Julia,.

    I try. Days seem to just slip away from me; like yesterday when we drove up to Staten Island to visit my MIL who is in a nursing home. She was very glad to see us, and we have a nice time with my two SILs too. By the time you get home, food shop, walk the dogs, and sit down, you’re too tired to think about anything!

    My intention is to get each of those 3 mentions at the end of my post DONE by year’s end. That’s in addition to knitting, of course! I have a standard sized dachshund, Scooter. He’s a little overweight to carry for long, but he is my baby! Along with his terrier sister Piper, some days I would rather talk to my dogs than people!

    Have a great week and keep knitting! Alice
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