5 Ways To Increase Your Knitting Productivity

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Knitters are the BEST people! (Don’t you LOVE that picture of Cary Grant? He was giving it his best try!) We love our craft, pick it up as often as we can, and wish that others would learn to knit with us! Some people over-plan, even with knitting, which turns out to be just a fancy form of procrastination — giving you some false sense of accomplishment — where all you do is waste lots of time looking at patterns, browsing through places like Ravelry (I love Ravelry!), but that time could be spent KNITTING. Being productive.

The more time you spend planning, the less time you actually knit. I have a pile of patterns (now neatly stored away in one of my expandable file boxes, due to my August Re-organization Project), and I could spend half a morning perusing through them all, going online to check out yarn for them, deciding which ones I’ll tackle next, add them to my “pending” basket, and go back and look at some more. And on and on.

So, what did I get done? As far as my knitting is concerned . . . N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

If you’re going to spend your free time doing lots of editing and clean-up work, no matter what you do, you’ll never be productive.

Productivity defined is:


“the quality, state, or fact of being able to generate, create, enhance, or bring forth goods and services.”

Isn’t THIS what you want? I know I do!

I want to CREATE things when I knit. Not just place stitches on a needle, not just get a third of the way through a pattern, then leave it off for the next best thing, I want to finish what I start, and see it done and ready to use. For myself, my family, friends, and for those I don’t know.

Then, I want to go on to the next knitted thing.

Knitted AppleSo, how do knitters increase their productivity?

Well, you could chant a magical incantation over your yarn in the hopes that something wonderful will appear. OR, you can pick up your knitting needles, and get knitting!

I’ve come up with 5 ways to increase your knitting productivity. They’re all simple to use and will get you great results.

  1. Set aside knitting times.
    Even if it’s 30 minutes every other day. KNOW when you want to knit, and make time for it. No excuses.
  2. Have the best tools.
    Always knit with the correct size needles, and have those cable needles and crochet hooks available, too. Of course, you want the yarn you love!
  3. Be organized.
    I am SO glad I did my reorganizing. Now, everything “knitting” has its place in my house. I can see ahead to future projects much easier, where before it was all a foggy idea in my head. Now, it’s right in front of me.
  4. Be simple in your knitting.
    All I mean here, is don’t get overly complicated in patterns that are unfamiliar and very difficult. I usually stick with the easy and intermediate knitting patterns, because they are so nice when finished and look so professionally done.
  5. Join a knitting circle or group.
    Here’s the FUN part: I am introducing a Facebook Knitting Group by the end of September. When I do, you’ll hear about it. I ‘m working out the details.

For REALLY digging deep, there are Planners available that help you to discover how to unlock your knitting potential (or any other potential) for a satisfying and creative life. This one called The Inner Guide 2015-2016 Planner, will have you looking at your inner and outer goals. Very interesting.

This calendar is one of those 2-page spreads, where you get to look at your entire week at a glance, but in a whole new way. Here you can check out your appointments, goals, prompts and intentions, so none of it gets away from you, and you are reminded of it every day. That’s another SECRET to knitting: being on top of your game, not coming at it haphazardly or indifferently. Those emotions never get anything done. Or at least they never get anything done well.

And to TAKE ACTION every day, you might want to try this list pad, called Action Day . Here is where you can pencil in your KNITTING TIMES.  So you know they’re there, and everyone else can see them, too.

Taking time for little things that are important to you is essential to your life. I know it is for mine. Take today, for instance. I did three loads of wash, which means folding things and putting them away; I made a meatloaf dinner; wrote 6 blog posts for someone else; walked my dogs twice, went through all of my email and social media updates for Scarf Knitting; started a blog draft; and wrote the bulk of THIS blog post.

At 7:30 p..m. I’m ready to shut my computer down and rest my eyes. But, I have my new blanket to work on; one that I’m making for my grand daughter Julia. For her little toddler bed. What with colder weather coming, she loves to be cuddly when she’s taking a nap or tucked in for the night. So Grammy wants to knit!

So, I challenge you; keep at your knitting no matter what! Try one of these planners, because they are a big help with keeping all of us centered right where it’s important to be for each one of us. Go find where you left your knitting, and put it where you’ll see it for the rest of the day. Then, when you have those spare moments, work on it!

As always, take your knitting to heart!    Glitter heart


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