Knitting Health Benefits Checklist

yellow autumn treesWell, it’s finally starting to feel like November around here. This morning I drove to my son’s house and stepped outside at 5:05 A.M., in the dark and rather frosty air. It still warms up nicely during the day, with highs in the 60s, but once the sun is gone, the coolness is back. As it should be. 🙂

One thing that shouldn’t be is that troubles should overtake your life. I know, we all have challenges and things-go-wrong out of the blue that we cope with, but to feel constantly anxious or afraid or depressed is just not a good thing. 🙁


I’m thinking this is what’s WRONG with this world we live in. Not enough people know a craft!

Just last night my husband was watching a segment on TV about the ART of chair caning. How this little art is going away; that it takes years to learn how to cane a chair correctly. That it takes patience and time. That it isn’t something you will accomplish in the time it takes to watch one of the inane sitcoms or what passes for entertainment television anymore.

No, things like this take a long time to master. Learning how to be a stained glass maker or just a glass-maker are also endeavors that come to mind; things that take YEARS to master, but once you do, you have this skill for LIFE! I recall years ago my husband and I visited the Wheaton Glass Museum in Millville, NJ. It was absolutely fascinating how a blob of hot glass on the end of a blow-stick was transformed into the most ethereal and beautiful of glass creations.

It seemed as if you could march right up there and do it yourself! Yet, an ART like this just doesn’t happen overnight.

I just get the feeling that people who do ARTS AND CRAFTS feel differently about the world they live in. There are many reasons for that. Think about what kind of world we live in. It’s very visual; very selfie-stick popular; very banal, which is another world for dull-as-dishwater or dumb. Enough of that kind of behavior and all you get is bored.

Very bored. You float from one boring thing to the next and nothing fulfills.

So, you start to fill up your life with “things.” All kinds of things, anything, things in the Dollar Store or Walmart, at the mall or garage sales every weekend. I’m not saying we all don’t need things; but 70 pairs of jeans or 250 pairs of shoes?!


So, tell me, do these THINGS make you happy? Do they “hit the spot”, so to speak and give you ultimate happiness? I’ll betcha not. So, it’s on to the next best THING as soon as you can do it. And so it goes. But, happiness is the elusive butterfly. (I seem to remember a song by that name; I still love that song.) It won’t land, it won’t let you come close, or come near.

So, how do you find happiness in this life?

I believe that having a craft will go a long way to bringing you happiness.

Lasting, true happiness.

Let me explain.

What am I talking about? What kinds of things qualify here? Well, there’s knitting, of course, crochet, any needle craft, chair caning, cooking, baking, gardening, painting, writing, sculpture, pottery, stain glass making, glassmaking, woodworking, rubber stamping, bookbinding, crosswords, beadmaking, floral arts, scrapbooking, sewing, dollmaking, photography, rugmaking, fashion design, learning an instrument, and probably so many others I’ve missed.

What do ALL of these things have in common? Think about them; what must you use? Your hands! For every one. They ALL get created by you from nothing into something! Pretty neat!

5 Health Perks From Knitting

What Doesn’t Qualify

You can hate me if you want, but these things don’t qualify: shopping, driving, going to the mall, playing solitaire, video games, watching endless TV or movies,  going to ball games, taking pictures of yourself, diddling online all day for hours on end.

These are what you call spectator “sports.” YOU don’t DO anything, you’re just a spectator, a hanger-on, a non-participant. Is THIS what you want your life to be? I know it’s easy to just sit there and do basically nothing.  What sense of accomplishment does this bring to you? I’m thinking not very much.

Because learning an art or a craft, puts you in a different category. In addition to opening up the world of the craft you’re interested in, you also begin to understand the bigger picture. How your life can be MORE, always more, and always lived on a deeper, more meaningful level.

knitting yarn on a table

Here is a Knitting Health Benefits Checklist of what a Craft can do for you:

  • Know you are providing something of worth for someone else. The BEST part about knitting or knowing any craft, is that once you’re done you have something to show for it.
  • You always have the anticipation that you can “do” your craft day or night.
  • There is ALWAYS a sense of worth to what you create.
  • Your hours are spent in CREATING something.
  • Best of all, you have a CONNECTION to others in your craft niche. There are always groups, events, and fairs where you can get together.

The more time you knit, the more you’ll be thinking of how you can reach others with your knitting. Tie a scarf to a light pole with a tag on it, take dog and cat blankets to your local animal shelter, knit preemie caps and baby blankets for children, make everyone in your family their own special afghan, list your items for sale on Etsy, take them to Christmas craft fairs, be involved in your own knitting group in town, and on and on it goes! And for a nice list of charity sites, just go here!

There is always a need; look to fill it. And then start all over again. Sweet!

As always, take your knitting to heart!   Glitter heart



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