Clear Your Mind & Organize Your Life

Autumn scene in New England

October is here, my knitters! And with it comes the THREAT of another hurricane heading to NJ. We’ll see; after all the TV stations love the hype and it’s good for their ratings, most of all!

Now that the leaves will start to turn and slowly fall off the trees, aren’t there days when you feel like doing that, too? I mean, just going from where you are, to falling away to some place unseen by everyone else? Some days “feel” wrong, don’t they; as if some unforeseen presence is messing everything up?

It’s usually nothing we do.

Days start out like every other, then suddenly something comes in the mail, or a phone call comes through or an email, and everything changes. Maybe you went to work this morning and come home in the evening unemployed. Or that medical diagnosis turned out to be exactly what you were fearing. So, doubt turns to fear to insecurity.

Insecure? Who isn’t! You’re not alone. Millions of people admit to being insecure. Yet, they remain that way and think TODAY will be different. But, it won’t.

If you are always wishing and hoping that things will be better, your insecurities will never go away. You’ll live a life in the shadows. A life on the fringe. Always wishing, hoping, never doing.

Fortunately, there is an answer!

Clear your mind and organize your life! Not just your knitting life, like I’ve been sharing with you since August, but ALL of your life. Things that aren’t working anymore, people who you don’t want to see ever again, habits that you KNOW need to broken, and a real, hard look at what it will take to bring your life into clear focus again, for healthy living.

Because something’s got to give.

And if you don’t watch out, it could be you.

Quote about JoyBe joyful. In all things. This was a hard one for me when I was younger, but I get it now. Life will always try and knock you off your feet; it’s the getting up and going forward part that you HAVE to do every time. Every day has its challenges, its prayers, works, joys, and sufferings. Some come at us in most unusual or never-imagined ways. Here’s what I think: if you can get out of bed in the morning, put your feet down and do everything you need to do, it’s a gift, and learn to see it that way. Many people cannot.

Prayer never hurts. In fact, it can be downright miraculous! We were at the beach yesterday; walking the boardwalk in Point Pleasant Beach, surrounded by mostly closed up homes right there on the ocean-front, walking alongside a deserted beach-front where the waves were looking pretty good and the surf was pounding. Now, nightfall comes on by 7:00 pm and there are no birds calling at sunrise or cicada’s on a hot afternoon, because the hot afternoon is gone. I’m still here, and so are you. Always remember to give thanks for the little things.

Assess your life with brutal honesty. If you are in a job you hate, then look for something else. You may just find what you want, because the time will be right for you. If you are in a relationship that you know deep down, is going nowhere, then pull the plug. It may be painful for a few days, but, the pain will be replaced with a relief you never saw coming. If your house needs cleaning, start with one drawer. Finish your knitting project before starting the next one. Start cooking meals more instead of buying take-out. October is the perfect month to go through your cookbooks and find those “comfort foods” you love.

Strip away things you no longer need. Go through your home and throw things out. Or give them away. An example: now that it’s just my husband and I for dinner most nights, I don’t need 16 place settings of anything anymore. So, I’ve taken some excess dinner ware and placed it on a Mommy-site where someone is sure to pick it up. The silverware set emblazoned with an “S” on every piece has been passed on to my son and his wife. They’ll make more use out of it now. Otherwise, it sits unused in my hutch. Who benefits from that?

Buy only what you need. Stay the heck out of malls, if you can help it. Sometimes, I love going there, only to sit a while and watch. Watch what people are doing, what they’re buying, who they’re with, what seems to be trending with them. It can be very eye-opening. Just passing the home-shopping channels on my TV and I realize just how silly it is to buy ANOTHER pair of shoes, ANOTHER juicer, ANOTHER anything! How many of something can you have?!

Eat healthier. The next time you’re in the supermarket, pay attention to the shelves. So much processed food, so many items unhealthy for you. Pick out the fresh fruits and vegetables. I love baking cabbage at this time of year, or roasted Brussel sprouts. Bake potatoes in the oven not the microwave; they are heavenly! Buy items that are fresh and in-season, then move on to the next season as it comes. Stock up on essentials like rice, flour, sugar and fewer boxed snacks. As for coffee, I’ve purchased one of those little dispensers for my Keurig™ that can be used with any coffee; just load it up, snap it in and enjoy. This way you can buy coffee on sale and not fork over $7. or $8. per k-cup box and only get twelve of them! Just think of the money these coffee companies are making!


A book laying open with pages fluttering


Read worthy books and magazines. There’s a key word in there, and it’s called . . . read!  Too many of us, myself included have fallen off the reading wagon, caught up as we are in all things smartphone. But, grab a GOOD book, and you will be mesmerized. For myself, I love American and English history, Medieval and Renaissance, and books that make me think. I love a magazine like Mary Jane’s Farm or Yankee. I think I love them so much because they tell a story so well. What are some of your favorites?

Learn a craft. If there’s one thing I love to do when the weather turns colder, it is to pick up my knitting and keep getting it done. Working with your hands has a satisfaction that I rarely find in anything else. It’s because where once there was nothing, now, YOU have created some thing. All by yourself, all on your own, with no one’s help. And it’s beautiful!

Marisa's foot


Revel in the simple things. The older I get, the more I realize that “things” don’t matter; it’s the people in my life that mean everything. Like this picture of my grand daughter’s foot. When we go anywhere, my daughter-in-law and I share the very back seat in the van and just ahead of us are Julia and Marisa. Lately, Marisa, who will be two in early December, has learned to swing her little leg over the armrest. Her little sneakers are size 4, can you imagine! She has the cutest little foot, I had to get a picture! (I know it’s a little blurry, but I couldn’t resist!) I’m thinking very soon she won’t be little anymore . . . 🙁

That’s why LIVING simply, gratefully, savoring moments that should be savored is so important, no matter who you are!

Flickering Candles in OctoberNow that Summer is gone and Autumn beckons, I love to light candles in my home. I have them placed here and there all around, and as the afternoon sun wanes, I so enjoy going from spot to spot and turning them on for the evening. Some glow a soft yellow, while others flicker a soothing orange color.  You see, it’s little things like this that will make your home so inviting!

So, tell me what you think! How do you clear your mind and organize your life. It is important, especially in this upside-down world we live in where every day seems to bring a new tragedy. Keep your mind focused on the GOOD THINGS in life. There are many, and knitting is one of those beauties!

And, be sure to scroll down to the carousel for some of my favorite resources for beginning your knitting journey!


As always, take your knitting to heart!    Glitter heart



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  1. Julia Dawn Mason says:

    Hi Alice,
    I have been busy knitting a baby blanket for another coworker of my daughter. I am using the Moss Diamond and Lozenge stitch pattern. It is taking longer to knit because of the many rows in the repeat of it. One repeat is 44 rows. So far I have the bottom border and two full repeats done and have started the third repeat. I still have to make a Halloween costume for my daughter, she gets to wear it to work on Halloween, it will be the Elsa costume from the movie Frozen. She bought all the materials but I have to do the sewing since the sewing machine and she do not work well together.

    • Nice Julia! I’ve been doing a long pattern repeat for a blanket I’m making for my grand daughter’s bed. I’m getting to the end, so it won’t be long now.
      I haven’t used my sewing machine in ever so long. When I was in high school, my girlfriend and I would make all of our dresses for the year. Back when you HAD to wear a dress or skirt.
      But I am thinking of knitting an Olaf for my younger grand daughter Marisa. Her b-day is Dec. 2nd, so I’d better get started soon.
      Enjoy your knitting! Alice
      Alice Seidel recently posted…Clear Your Mind & Organize Your LifeMy Profile

  2. Alice,
    Thanks so much for this post. I have organized huge chunks of my life and it does feel remarkably good. It’s lovely to meet you through your post here. I’m grateful for hearts as open as yours is to gratitude and minds as open as yours is the better to stay on a healthy path, finding the learning and creating opportunities as you go.
    Warm regards,
    Kate Williams (also a knitter and crocheter)
    Kate Williams recently posted…5 DIY Work-at-Home Tools You Didn’t Think You’d NeedMy Profile