5 Places For Charity Knitting

catalogsLately, I’ve had a lot on my mind. Thoughts of money, retirement, losses, lack of gains, and other lovely negative thoughts keep crossing my mind all day every day. I’ve got 10 irons in the fire and every time I pull one of them out it’s never enough, never hot, never where it needs to be.

Then, I think of those a lot less fortunate than us. After all, we have a home filled with beautiful things, and we’re always fixing up. We live in a quiet, safe neighborhood which is gated and has security. My children are nearby and every day there are my dog’s waiting for their walks, twice a day.

Sometimes I see these TV shows where people bid on foreclosed homes; they’ve been led to believe the home is in great condition. The ones who are “lucky” enough to win the bid do an inspection of the property and discover that everything possible that can be ripped up and thrown into the backyard, has been ripped up and thrown into the backyard. Cabinets, tile, toilets, appliances, just everything is there in a nice neat pile.

Can you blame people? A family probably lived there until the mortgage got to be too much for them. Did the mortgage company come to their rescue? Offer them ANY help at all? I’ll stake my life on it that they did not. The most they probably got from them were daily threatening phone calls and some certified mail.

Maybe someone lost their job or someone got sick or went on disability and money disappeared. There are tons of reasons that suddenly you can’t pay your bills. Credit cards are great until you can’t make those monthly payments anymore. There just seems to be such a lack of mercy in our world today.

And who cares? If you have family, possibly they will help out. And sometimes, THAT comes with a price tag, too. Life just isn’t easy, is it? Family oftentimes seem to be a two-edged sword. People you’ve seen for YEARS can suddenly turn the other way; you hear things they’ve said about you, they seem hurt as if YOU did something to them. Most of the time it turns out that their expectations of you are not turning out right, because YOU aren’t playing by their rules. Am I right?

That’s why there are so many people in need. Not just of money, but of simple, everyday items, that we take for granted most of the time. Because we’ve got an over-abundance of them. Too many dishes in the cupboard? Too many cookies on the shelf? Too many shoes? Too much jewellery?

I’m not advocating selling all you own and making our society all equal. No, when you work for a living and work hard, there are many paths to the good life. Occasionally, you stall out or someone you know does. That’s when it’s up to US to take action on their behalf. I’ll just bet you’ve got yarn stash somewhere in your house. We can ALL help today with our share of charity knitting! 😉

So, I’ve come up with 5 places for charity knitting that need our help TODAY!


The NeedaLove Project. This organization, located in NYC, has anyone who’s interested knit a scarf for them. Then drop it off, or send it to them. How easy does it get!


Project Linus. This is one of my favorite charities! Knit (or crochet) them a blanket for little ones, so they can stay warm and feel comfort and love when their worlds are turned upside down. Just looking at all those little faces, and you won’t be able to resist!


Snuggles Project

The Snuggles Project. And for those other babies that we all love so much, dogs and cats are also in desperate need of comfort, too. Animal shelters need lots of things and one of the things they can use most of all are warm, fuzzy, soft blankets for the animals who suddenly find themselves where they often never expected to be.

Knitted things for WarmUpAmerica!

Warm Up America! For almost 25 years, this wonderful organization has been keeping people warm all over America. They have a never-ending list of knitted items they need, and provide you with lots of stitch and pattern information.

This last one is a page FILLED with wonderful sites, all in need of your knitting help. Please help them here!

Don’t tell me you don’t have the time; we all have the exact same 24 hours in a day. What ARE you doing with your time? If you need a little help with that, click here!

Always make time every week to help someone in need. They may never know who you are, but they will be forever grateful!

If you’ve knit for one of these places, let me know! If not, give one of them a try and see what happens!

As always, take your knitting to heart!  And keep scrolling to read my special P.S.!

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P.S. Please don’t forget about Harley! He’s the 2015 American Humane Association Hero Dog and he wants and needs our help to rid this land of puppy mills once and for all! Just click on the video below to hear how YOU can help him today!

I thank you and Harley thanks you!

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