Late October Knitting Thoughts

If today is October 23rd, that means yesterday was my ♥ wedding anniversary ♥ and tomorrow is my birthday. I was married in 1972 which seems an awfully long time ago, but there’s been a awful lot of living that’s gone on here. Houses, children, pets, businesses, grandchildren, jobs, holidays, hospitals, deaths, births, celebrations, challenges, anxieties, horrors, happiness and more. I simply can’t believe that so many years have come and gone.

Yesterday, my husband and I drove to the beach and walked the boardwalk and walked down to the ocean’s edge. The surf was loud but not wild, the incoming tide was delightful with just enough breeze to go with the cloudless sky. It was so beautiful, I even did two recordings of it, just to remind myself of how things will be again when the winter snows look to bury us once we get to January and beyond.

Seaside Heights NJ

Isn’t that pretty? I couldn’t see to adjust the camera settings, but trust me, the beach was that brilliantly silver and blue!

Then we came home, and it was on to other things again. Like knitting. Like thinking late October knitting thoughts. If you’re wondering how to increase your knitting productivity, (or even if you’re not), check out this recent post.

As it goes I’m just finishing three knitting projects, all knit in the last few months. Here is my grand daughter Julia’s new blanket for her toddler bed. She loves being all cozy and cuddly when she goes in for her nap (with her little bear Beez) or for the night. This blanket is a pretty pattern and I’ll share it with you next week.

Julia's new blanket

Then there is this new scarf. I was planning on knitting a summer vest with it, but the pattern was a bit too convoluted for my liking and I quickly did the next best thing; went on to something else! I used Premier Yarns Home Cotton; a beautiful yarn in a beautiful color. That’s one of the SECRETS to knitting; make your color blockbuster, and a simple pattern will look absolutely fabulous!

HERE is the pattern. I love eyelets and this pattern is just right when you’re looking to knit something that won’t take forever, and that isn’t difficult at all. I really dislike putting my face out there, as I never take good pictures, but here goes . . .

Me and my scarf

Notice how my scarf is wrapped only once around my neck; you can do that at least 2 or 3 times, it’s that long! I love the way the pattern pops, too. Just wait for the compliments. 🙂

Lastly, here is my almost-finished placemat. It’s done in a checkerboard pattern, with a nice neat border I’ve added all the way around. Again, I’ll have this pattern for you with Julia’s blanket pattern next week.


I love a pattern like this; very Early American, yes?

That’s all I’ve got today; I’m off to babysit again, just for a few hours this afternoon, but I LOVE my girls and love seeing them most every day! Remember to breathe deeply when you’re out walking through the leaves; I love that autumn scent!

Marisa & Julia 102215

Marisa & Julia

It’s a gorgeous day in NJ to be out in your treehouse, don’t you agree?!

As always take your knitting to heart!

Glitter heart

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  1. Julia Dawn Mason says:

    Hi Alice,
    I want to wish youa Happy Birthday, I just had mine on the 21st, You share your birthday with my little sister, she was born 3 days after I turned 15 . So her birthday is the 24th. I am still working the blanket but now I have conquered the pattern so it is going a little faster now.I am using the same pattern you used in the middle of the blanket for your grand daughter. I am knitting it in Knit Picks Brava Sport weight in the color Alfalfa. Your granddaughters are beautiful. . I am taking a break from some sewing because I can’t see the stitches at night so well any more. I just have to finish the hem and the facings on the sleeves and the top of my daughter’s Elsa costume . Then I have the bustier to do as well as the skirt and cape .So I will be busy this next week getting all that done.

    • Hi Julia

      Thank you Julia so much for the b-day greetings! And a Happy Birthday to you and to your sister!
      Knit Picks has some of the nicest yarn, don’t they? One of the reasons I gave up needlepoint and cross stitch was because the stitches were just too darned small! Even with a magnifier, I used to burn my eyes up, so I know what you mean!
      Just going to dinner a little later today, and maybe a trip to the yarn store tomorrow. I really need to decide on a pattern first, because then I end up buying yarn that I shouldn’t. Have a marvelous weekend!
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