Do YOU Have Knitting Plans For 2016?

Snow in the woodsWell, here comes New Years Eve. A night I don’t care much for. Here in New Jersey, it’s not looking anything like the picture above; it’s hardly been below freezing all month. Yet, I would like to see a few flakes some time this winter!

Years ago, when I worked in a nursing home, we always got stuck working holidays because the place never closed, so it was always a worry every year whether I would have Christmas Day off or not.

Good news was, there were plenty of co-workers who lived for New Years Eve. I mean, NOTHING else mattered except that they have New Year’s Day off. Their main goal in life was to party hearty. Who cared anyway for Christmas Day, when all it meant was getting together with the rest of your family only to have a perfectly miserable time? So, NYE was the “holiday” to strive for.

I never had a problem working on January 1st, and they never had a problem working on Christmas, so it all worked out just dandy.

I’m years away from that time, and look back on it with some fondness, but not much. Funny, how life throws you into situations you could have never found yourself in by yourself; but when you need a job close to home and with easy access to your kids when they’re in school, you do a lot of settling. Unless, you’ve had a good position somewhere first.

F&F violet and white afghan

Now, my kids are 40-ish, and my life is very changed from that. This leaves me lots of time for knitting!

Now that we’re on the cusp of 2016, it’s a good time to look back and see what worked for you (and me) this year, what didn’t, and what we can do differently. I’ve been woefully behind in writing blog posts and doing all the things I really wanted done by years’ end; trying to stuff too many things into a 24-hour day never works right! 🙂

Do YOU have knitting plans for 2016?

Share them with me and think about what you want to accomplish. In fact, now is the time to begin thinking about next Christmas! After all, any knitter will tell you it takes TIME to knit those sweaters, socks and blankets!

If you have some extra time on New Year’s Day, make a list of all the people you want to knit for this year. Is there a wedding coming up, or a new baby? Could someone do with a table runner or new placemats for their birthday? Hand-knit items are SO much prettier than the stockpile of “made in China” things we’ve all come to rely on. Why not “made on your knitting needles”!

Be sure to check out my Etsy shoppe; there’s something for every season there and more coming! And if you’re looking for new knitting patterns, don’t forget Ravelry! I love all the ideas I get from there. Sometimes I go looking for one thing and come away with ideas for something else!

For 2016 I plan on:

  • Selling my knitting at craft fairs
  • Starting a new scarf pattern in January
  • Start a new afghan in January
  • Develop knitting videos for beginning knitting
  • Start a Facebook group

That’s quite a lot to take in, I’d say!

The inner guide book

Of course, in order to do all of these things, you need to plan out your days. Carefully. One of the ways I’ll be doing that is through this book, entitled, “The InnerGuide 2016 Planner“. It will help you to cultivate a more fulfilled and purposeful life.

I’m not one for resolutions, because I think they are mostly a colossal waste of time, and never last for longer than a few days. Then, real life hits you in the face again, and you put aside those dreamy resolutions. But, this Planner will guide you through creating goals that are reachable for every day.

As for that afghan I mentioned in my lofty 2016 goals, well, here it is. You can find it at All Free Knitting, a GREAT site for pattern ideas! I’ve never done one like this, so it will be a fun challenge!

That’s what your knitting should be in 2016. A fun challenge. Try something new, or a different yarn, just to see. You may hate it or you may love it. It will help you grow in your craft.

As always, take your knitting to heart!

Glitter heart

P.S. This year, I also plan on getting things knit for animal shelters. So, stay tuned for more information on that!



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  1. Julia Dawn Mason says:

    Hi Alice,
    Right now I am working on a pair of gloves for the custodian that opens the gate for the kids to go to their classes. I asked her if she had a favorite color and she asked what colors did I have and I told her, she said make them multicolored so I have. The cuff is knitted with Knit Picks Stroll sock yarn in the color Eggplant, The transition rows from ribbing to the beginning of the thumb gusset is in Dove Heather, the thumb gusset and thumb is knitted out of Electric Blue, after the thumb stitches are removed and reserved on a piece of yarn for later stitching, the final few rows of the hand are 8 rows of white and 4 rows of Duchess Heather. The fingers are all of the colors that I have used. I hope she will like them. Then I have a pair to knit for one of the girls who comes through the crossing, she asked for Pink yarn, she is getting Knit Picks Stroll in the color Pucker.

    My daughter-in-law loved the little sweater sets I made for Hunter and sent me a picture of him wearing it.He will be 11 months old on the 12th of this mnth. I can’t believe he is almost a year old already.

    • Gee, nice Julia! Those gloves are beautiful and very one of a kind! That’s what’s nice about knitting; we can take a simple pattern and with color transform into an original! That’s what I love the most.

      That, and trying to get organized as to what my next goal is here at Scarf Knitting. Still trying to put that in motion; but there are some good ideas on the horizon. In the meantime, I’m knitting, too!
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