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So, the days just keep coming and going. Then the weeks, too. I can’t believe we’re into the last week of February! Here in New Jersey, winter hasn’t been too bad! (Knock on a ball of yarn!)

Lots of my extra warm scarves and ultra-warm turtleneck sweaters have been lounging in the closet this season, because it’s not cold enough to wear them. I am knitting a new sweater though; a pretty bright yellow that I’ll be able to wear right into the warmer months. Here’s a picture:

bright yellow knitted sweater pieces



Back in the early years of this millennium, my husband and I lived in New Hampshire. Jaffrey, to be exact; a little town in the southwestern corner of the state. Jaffrey is surrounded by Peterborough, Rindge, and New Ipswich. It’s most famous for its mountain, Mt. Monadnock. I tried climbing to its summit one day; but never made it. We owned an inn and there wasn’t a day that went by that we weren’t busy with something. There were 10 rooms to keep clean, common rooms to decorate, and the grounds to tend to; when you could see it!

Judging by the webcam at the Yankee Publishing website, there hasn’t been much snow this year in NH. When we were there; look out! We were inundated with snow, practically on a daily basis. Every morning we would wake up to another 3, 5, or 8 additional inches of the fluffy, white stuff. It wasn’t until late April that we saw the ground again. And we had lots of guests! 🙂

People loved coming up to cross-country ski and to enjoy the beauty of a 150-year-old house. One of the things I loved most about being there was getting breakfast ready in the mornings! We had some pretty “common rooms”, bright yellow that always got the morning sun; individual tables with candles and colonial-design plates sat waiting for our guests. Before they would descend I used to love walking through those common rooms, adding silverware here, lighting a candle there, smoothing out napkins and making sure there was enough maple syrup on the tables and steaming hot coffee on the buffet. Classical music could be heard in the background, and occasionally the hum of our farmer neighbor Peter on his tractor could be heard as he cut the long hay grass just beyond our backyard fence.

I always used a metal ring filled with liquid potpourri on the light-bulbs in the common rooms; sweet scents of cinnamon or vanilla would fill the air. The old glass in the front windows was wavy from age, and the little pocket drawer in the wall between the windows used to hold candles at one time. (Or so we were told.) The floor was wide planking with colorful wide rugs situated here and there. Across the street were woods and a long fenced area where the steer our farmer-friend used to keep, would sidle up to the wires and stare across the way, as if in greeting to those who came for breakfast.

Breakfast at the Inn

Can you see the pocket drawer at the top of this picture?


It was my favorite time of the day. Then once breakfast was over it was on to cleaning rooms, doing laundry and running food errands. We were busy every day, and I never worked so hard in my life! It all came to an end much too soon; I won’t go into the why’s and wherefore’s, only to say I would be happy still to be living there. The Monadnock region of New Hampshire is a treasure waiting to be explored! Go, if you can; you’ll love it, I guarantee.

While I’m thinking of colorful things, I came across a coloring book for knitters. Now, I’m not much into coloring books these days; when I was a kid, I loved them. Occasionally, I sit with my grand daughters and we color pages of Mickey Mouse or Elsa from Frozen. (Actually I color, they scribble! ) It’s very relaxing still, and I’m thinking this is why adult coloring books are all the rage these days.

Mason-Dixon Knitting has created A Coloring Book for Knitters which I’m on my way to ordering. I’ve seen enough adult coloring books of landscapes, seascapes, mandelas, and stained glass (that last one I would like) to know that most of them don’t interest me. After all here’s my take: if you can color, why not LEARN to knit!? Huh???

But, if you’re still on the fence about picking up needles and yarn, then looking at knitting will just have to do. Instead of knitting patterns, you can color them! And, why not? There are Fair Isle, log cabin and striping patterns to choose from among others. In fact, there are 30 pages to choose from. You know, knitting is the perfect marriage of color, texture and patterns.

There’s a lot of intricacy to the patterns; just like you’d find in real life knitting! You know, this may be the perfect way to get little ones interested in learning all they can about the world of knitting! There’s no end to all the color palettes you can create here as well.

So WHY are coloring books catching on with so many grown-ups?

B-E-C-A-U-S-E . . .

  • Your stress level gets lowered
  • It’s something you can easily do
  • Coloring is a beautiful way to be creative!
  • There’s nothing technical to deal with
  • It’s fun!

Reviews for A Coloring Book for Knitters have been great; four, and mostly five stars with nice recommendations. And when you’re finished you can join everyone else and post those pages to Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. Do wonders ever cease?!

I’m picking up my coloring book, how about you? Some evenings I’m too weary to knit beyond a couple of rows; my eyes can’t take it. But, gently filling in a coloring book page and experimenting with color where I don’t have to be perfect, sounds good to me!

Be sure to pick up your copy of A Coloring Book for Knitters. And, I’m betting there will be more where THIS came from!

As always, take your knitting to heart!

Glitter heart


P.S. Be sure to wander on over to Amazon and see for yourself why so many other knitters LOVE this creative way to be “knitting”!


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