Can You Knit and Be Happy?

Happiness sign in green

Can you knit and be happy?

Is there really an answer to that question? Is there only one answer to that question?

We’ll see.

Let me tell you about some of what I do all week. My two children are grown and live not too far away; my daughter Stephanie is in South River, NJ and my son Rob is in Toms River, NJ. My husband and I live in Manchester, NJ with our two dogs, Piper and Scooter. Every day, unless it’s pouring down rain, I take them for a walk morning and evening. They love their walks and I love the free time outside away from distractions. I’m not walking down my dirt road anymore in Pennsylvania, where the woods surrounded us with every step, but it’s still quiet here and I meet no one on my way around the block.

I’m a freelance writer and work from home. Some days I’m pretty busy; other days not so much. Of course, some days I’m not home at all. Because at approximately 5:15 A.M. I drive over to my son’s house for the day. Those are the days when my daughter-in-law Lisa is away overnight on a “2-day”. She’s a flight attendant and doesn’t always get home all in one 24-hour period. So, I take care of the girls all day long.

I remember when I first had to babysit my older grand daughter Julia. I was actually stressing that everything would be alright! As if I haven’t been through THIS before. But, it’s been years. Just like riding a bicycle, I have to say, it all comes back to you. Only this time you get to add the “spoil factor” into the mix like you never did with your own kids! 🙂

Here are some of the things I do all day while babysitting:

  • Get breakfast and lunch
  • Get everybody dressed
  • Brush teeth
  • Clean hands and mouths all day long
  • Give snacks
  • Change diapers
  • Help Julia in the bathroom
  • Color
  • Do puzzles
  • Read books
  • Watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ad infinitum
  • See what’s good on On-Demand
  • Clean up toys
  • Clean up the kitchen
  • Shoo Toots the cat off my lap while I’m eating lunch (over and over)
  • Give hugs and kisses when someone falls down
  • Referee when the sharing doesn’t go so good
  • Finally, have my cup of coffee!

And countless other little things, too. Sometimes, I feel like I could be doing other things, more important things, then I STOP!

Wait a minute, helping to raise my grand daughters IS important. They could go to a daycare all day, but what influences would they find there? Who would be watching them? And here’s the million dollar question:

Who would give them LOVE?

Julia and Marisa

Babysitting may seem mundane, and uneventful. Name most things in life that you do everyday that aren’t!

“Nothing, is that which rocks dream about.”  Aristotle

Life can often feel like nothing.

Nothing much, nothing to do, nothing grand. Especially when we see all the “action” on Social Media. You think to yourself, why can’t I have a life like that. Who are these people who “seem” so happy, so together, so good??

Actually, most of what you see on Facebook, et. al, ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. People love posting pictures of themselves that will have you wondering how they look so good after all these years. What they don’t tell you is that the picture is 15 years old! After all, why break the spell if you don’t have to!

do what you love what you do sign

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to realize that THE most important things in life are in


Yes, working is important; it pays the bills and puts food on the table and gives you a “sense” of security for the time being. But, relationships are the bedrock, the foundation of everything we are in life.

Ravi Zacharias, who I believe is the C.S. Lewis of our times, says that life has a singular strength in each individual. That within each moment, tiny little meanings make up each day. Where are they going? If we are making them, shouldn’t we be paying attention to what we do with each day we are given?

Meaning in life, then, is found in relationships.

That’s the clue we’ve been looking for. Those relationships can be inanimate, too, things we cherish like our hobbies.

Pretty knitted flowers

Like knitting.

Because there is a sanity in our loves. A beauty which we can create. I look around at ALL of the things I’ve knitted and sometimes I’m amazed! Many of them I don’t even recall knitting. There were hours and days spent in making them, but they have melted from my time and space continuum. There’s many more in the shuffle right now, and God willing, they’ll be completed, too.

Can you knit and be happy?

You better believe it!

Hobbies, crafts, making things with our hands has always been satisfying. Many of them were once done out of necessity, and sometimes they still are. Now, we have the luxury of doing them because we can. Because we care. Because we love to.

Cupcakes decorated

Knitting, crocheting, sewing, preserving, homemaking, cooking, baking, decorating, reading, walking, our pets, our children, our grandchildren, our families, our homes, our celebrations; these are the things that make us happy!

“The stuff that dreams are made of.” So said Sam Spade at the end of The Maltese Falcon, when lives were ruined and ended all for nothing. For money, or greed, for something never attainable.

Knitting doesn’t have to be a dream.

You can easily learn to knit! I did, many years ago. Stick with the simple things.

You CAN learn how to knit or pick up those needles and have another go. Sitting and knitting, whether you’re by yourself, or surrounded by kids and cats running away with your yarn, it’s all GOOD!

Because you can knit and BE HAPPY!

As always, take your knitting to heart!

Glitter hearts in red

P.S. In the weeks ahead, you may not be seeing as many posts from Scarf Knitting. That’s because I’m transforming the site into something even BETTER! More details to come!





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  1. Julia Dawn Mason says:

    I think you can be happy when ever you are with granddaughters and grandsons. I like to knit when sitting at the computer watching videos on YouTube so I guess that makes me happy. The brother and sister loved their gloves. I salvaged the original pair by using some of the electric blue to finish the remaining fingers and thumb.and I gave them to another one of the boys who comes through the crossing.

    • It’s amazing how we can use spare yarn and stuff you might think to throw away. But, then you run short of something else, and find a use for that stray stuff! Who wouldn’t love something handmade?
      I love to give my knitting away; it really the best feeling.
      Keep knitting Julia and everyone!

      Cheers, Alice
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