Do YOU Love Knitting for Animals?

My cotton candy baby Chelsea

Do YOU love knitting for animals?

In my mind, there’s NOTHING like having a pet. A dog or a cat, they add SO much to our lives.

To anyone who has never owned a pet, sadly, they have been missing out on so much in life! Not to say, they might not love having a beloved pet to come home to. Sometimes, it’s just not possible and I’m not talking about those people. Sometimes, allergies may prevent you from having a dog or a cat.

Although, here’s the thing: I have bad, bad, bad allergies. Have had them all my life. When I was a kid, there was no Flonase, there was NOTHING to alleviate the sneezing, the stuffed-up nose, the tiredness, the awful feeling after an allergy attack. So, I know from whence I speak.

THAT won’t stop me from having animals in my house. We have two dogs, Piper and Scooter. Both came from the same shelter in Lafayette, NJ, Father John’s Animal House ( no relation to John Belushi.) Before these two, we had a dalmatian, Chelsea, (who you see in the top photo) and 2 cats, Cindy and Smokey. Both lived to be at least 20 years old.

We adopted Piper in 2008, when she was 10 months old. She came from a kill-shelter in Kentucky and some loving souls transported her to NJ for adoption. She’s the black & white terrier on the left. Isn’t she cute? She’s such a baby, too. Hates loud noises, and runs into her “corner”, whenever it thunders or when Navy Lakehurst decides they want to bother us for the entire weekend with their artillery shelling. (Sounds like the cannon balls are falling on Vicksburg!)

Piper & Scooter on the couch

By 2011, we knew Piper needed a pal. So, we once again went looking in different places, and found Scoots in the same shelter. He had been surrendered by his owner for reasons unknown. He was already 5 years old, but we fostered him for about 3 days, then decided to keep him. He LOVES to cuddle, to stay warm under blankets and afghans, (see what you can knit!), loves to eat and go for walks, and play all day with his toys. All 75 of them!

If you’ve ever owned a dachshund, you know how cute they are! I’ve never had one before, but will never be without one again. Or a terrier.

Yes, they both have a mess of toys. Some are their favorites, like Mr. Green and Mouse, but they love to catch and have you throw again, for at least 100 times before they tire out!

Then, there’s Harley.

If you don’t know who I’m talking about, let me introduce you to the American Humane Society’s Hero Dog for 2015. Harley Taylor.

Harley the Hero Dog

Harley was the sweet little chihuahua who has been leading the fight against puppy mills. He knows all about them, because he spent 10 years in a puppy mill; being abused, getting no medical care when he needed it, (as when they shot out his eye with a power washer while cleaning his cage) or when his teeth were rotting in his mouth or when he was in such a small cage he couldn’t turn around.

Harley miraculously was rescued from that hell-hole and was adopted by Rudi and Dan Taylor of Berthoud, CO. For the last 5 years, Harley has been living the good life, if you will, and deservedly so! Harley was pulled from that puppy mill and given no more than a few months to live. He defied EVERY expectation, and then some, because he had things to do.

Sadly, and quite suddenly on Palm Sunday, March 20, little Harley gave up the fight. He went to the Rainbow Bridge and I’m sure he’s in very good company!

With his sidekick Teddy at the ready, these two little wonder dogs have been making trips into the Midwest to rescue puppy mill dogs. Through the organization National Mill Dog Rescue, (NMDR) they have brought thousands of dogs to


Able to walk on the soft grass, eat plenty of healthy food and drink clean, cold water from a bowl! Sleep with blankets and play with toys. Get examined by a vet and be adopted into loving families!

Is this too much to ask!?

So, I’ll say it again,

Do YOU love knitting for animals?

Because as Harley’s dad Dan also told him


Harley's Dream quote



It’s the easiest thing in the world to do!

Just grab some stash yarn or buy some inexpensive fluffy yarn (I’m thinking a lot of the baby yarn will suffice), then just knit.


Keep going until you’ve got a square or a rectangle that looks big enough to fit a dog. Small, medium, or large, you decide.

And you know, this is a GREAT way to practice how to knit! After all, if you make a mistake or leave a little hole, the dogs aren’t going to care.

Keep making these blankets and covers. When you have about 15 or 20, call up your local shelters and ask them when you can drop them off.

Chances are, they will be thrilled with your delivery!

Then, go home, and repeat the process, over and over!

And, you’ll know you are making a difference. One that no one else needs to know about, or you can get your knitting group or your whole block involved in! When one shelter has enough blankets, find another, then another, because they never stop being in need.

Knit your heart out! Do it, for the dogs and the cats.

They’re depending on YOU and me.

As always, take your knitting to heart!Glitter heart

P.S. I thank you, the dogs and cats thank you, and Harley thanks you!





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