Hot Hot Hot! Newest Scarf Yarns


 Let me say this first, I love to knit scarfs! They are the most fun and best accessory in the world. And, best of all, anyone can learn how to knit a scarf.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been knitting since the 1970’s or if you just picked up a pair of knitting needles last month. There are scarf patterns for everyone. In any color in the universe and in every texture you can think of.

You can get complicated with cable stitches and yarn-over’s or you can stay simple with knit and purl variations; whichever stitch you choose, combine that with just the right color and you have a dazzler on your hands.

Lately, there has been an explosion of scarf yarns available. One of my favorites is Wisdom Yarns Poems, Sunspot.  The yarn I just purchased is Wisdom Yarns Poems, Sunspot yarn.  It is 100% wool, made in Turkey and self-striping. When done in a cable scarf pattern of my choosing, everyone I know will want one of their own. It’s really that simple. Yarns such as this one are not too expensive either; the price of some yarns can be quite expensive and when you need 15 skeins or balls it can add up to a big purchase.

This yarn is perfect in every way though. Make sure to check it out.

Another new yarn that is flying off the shelves these days is called Red Heart Boutique Sashay Yarn.   Just one skein of yarn will knit you up the most fun ruffled scarf you have ever seen. A mostly acrylic yarn there is a specific secret way of knitting this scarf up.

Once again, when you wear your new Sashay scarf, everyone you know will want one for their very own collection. These, too, come in a variety of colors, and I picked up the colors of Disco, Red Heart  Waltz, and  Boogie.

And . . . here’s the thing. You can find each of these yarns online!

No more searching through store shelves, hoping they’re there, no more crowds at the mall and wasting gas to drive there. Stay home, go online and find the yarns of your dreams!

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