Autumn Knitting

 There is just something about October. It comes around every year, doesn’t it, and yet it is a welcome guest every time. Yes, summer is wonderful; warm and charming, a season where even a light sweater can feel overwhelmingly hot to the touch. Where I live, in northeast Pennsylvania, the humidity is often the thing. Sunny days follow sunny days as they did this summer, but most of them were too humid for my liking.

So, October is an enticing month indeed. It is a lot like southern New Hampshire where we lived for a while ten years ago already; our leaves are yellow and red and brown, they’ve turned a lot sooner than in NJ right now. Maybe it’s because we’re approximately 1200 ft. above sea level where I live. High up. Mostly smaller trees right now have peaked and the taller ones will do so next week or the week after. Then it will all be over, and brown and bare and gone. The ferns right now are a bright yellow to match the white birches and other trees. Before long my waving friends will be no more.

Every year nature does this. And every year it’s new all over again. These leaves are


 just a reminder of what is here now and will be gone before long. Walking my dogs, Piper the terrier, and Scooter the dachshund along the unpaved road we live on, I am struck by the silence outside. There is a quiet hum of crickets somewhere far away, and the occasional bird who decides to let loose with a chirping/clicking/tweeting symphony, but little else to disturb the day. Leaves have fallen and are now the colors of chocolate brown, buttery tans, and creamy yellow.

Most of summer’s greens have faded to sage or dark heather hues. For now the cherry apple reds are still emerging; they will be the next colors to dominate the landscape. The warm creams and tangerines of yellow leaves will soon turn to brown as will the vibrant ferns, some a straw-yellow and some regal gold.

My favorite color of all, blue, makes no appearance at all this season. Except when you look up. There beyond the olive and charcoal browns of tree trunks and past the many-faceted shapes of oak and maple leaves, you’ll see the blue. Sapphire, teal, cerulean and misty purple. It’s in the sky and it’s ever-changing. Like the October jewel it is.

Which reminds me —  all these colors I’ve been thinking about are found in yarns. Pretty knitting yarns. Here there and everywhere.

So because blue isn’t very evident in the falling leaves that I see as I write this, here is a blue pocket scarf. Easy as easy to knit and once finished, very useful.


I don’t remember what knit stitch I used on this scarf, but that’s the nice thing about knitting. You can use any stitch you like, or any variation or combination of stitches for a pocket scarf. Then knit two squares the same width as your scarf and attach them to the ends. Make sure your scarf is 60” or longer for an adult; measure your children for what will fit them best.

That’s all there is to it. You can knit these on a rainy afternoon or after taking your dog walk and seeing the colors and smells of the season, especially those aromas of musky earth as summer fades away and my favorite of all, wood-burning stoves whose pungent fragrances catch you unawares as you walk.

Don’t you just love Autumn?

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