Turkey Deer and Candles Oh My!

October is truly flying by. Just like a witch on her broom. Swooping hours, one day following the next, until another week has rushed by and left us wondering where it went.

Right now, Pike County PA is in the throws of autumn splendor. Go fifty miles to the east however, and the leaves have barely begun to turn. Here, they are rioting; mostly what we are left with are the yellows, which turn a sunny Fall day into a “bobby dazzler” when the sun is shining.

Just  about every day you can see the deer, usually females with their young still in tow, walking quietly through my yard, grazing on whatever they like, which sometimes are my white impatiens and carefully grown roses. I love looking at the deer though, the innocence about them as they move from place to place, their coats which have gone winter-dark; and just when you think they’re gone,  they are back again almost as if they live here.


Deer in my backyard


In between deer-time, we have rafters (aka groups) of turkeys who show up periodically and scratch all around the perimeter of my property. You can always tell when they have visited; the distinctive turning over of the leaves with just bare earth exposed is their trademark. Females come through with their young charges, too; usually we see quite large groups of them, fifteen or more is very common. The males, on the other hand, are in smaller groups, about five or six of them at a time. They stay separate until mating time, when the calls and gobbles of the males as they follow the females all over the place with their back feathers fully arrayed is a sight to see.

October is all about Halloween, too. I love watching the old “scary” movies on TV. They seem to be so much better at scaring you than the more recent digitally enhanced films. One of my favorites is Mark of the Vampire from 1935 and starring Bela Lugosi. It’s absolutely entertaining and you will never see the ending coming.

Another favorite is The Haunting from 1963, starring Julie Harris. Black and white films are the best; that’s why Psycho was such a hit. Movies that prey on your fears and weaknesses are the ones which are most successful in the horror department.

So, for all you Elvira and Stephenie Meyer fans out there, I have the perfect knitting book. It’s called Vampire Knits: Projects to Keep You Knitting from Twilight to Dawn by Genevieve Miller. Over two dozen imaginative projects are waiting for you, such as socks, capes, hats and of course, scarves.

Now that sunset is barely beyond six o’clock in the evening, one of the things I enjoy doing around suppertime is walking through my home and turning on all the little candles and lamps in corners and nooks. Soft circles of light illuminating a hall nook or a windowsill, where once the sun goes down is consumed in darkness. With the simple twist of a switch now these places are bathed in gentle light.

candle in hand


Places in my house where now little lights permeate a safety inside. Against the dark of the night. A way to keep the demons at bay. A balm to ensure that the longer nights are not so spooky.

Unless, of course, a shadow were to fall across the glow. Who’s there?









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