Teach Yourself Visually Knitting

I’m sure you have been impressed by people who make things with their hands. I know I am. I love going to craft fairs usually at Christmas-time and looking at all the talent that is for sale. Jewelry, woodworking, ceramics, flower art, and all things fiber art. Just how do they do that?

Well, it’s not as hard as you think. Knitting is such a joy and can be learned in easy steps. All you have to do is put aside an hour a day and you’re on your way.

Knitting may look complicated, but it’s just a series of stitches that you learn,  and you start with the very basic ones. The knit stitch and the purl stitch will guide you into the colorful world of knitting. So many projects, so little time.

How to learn knitting

One of the books I keep hearing about is Teach Yourself VISUALLY Knitting by Sharon Turner. She designs knitwear in her spare time, and is also an RN, so you know her days are chock full of things to do. Sharon raises a family just like us and knows how good knitting can make you feel.

In her book, Sharon gets you going right from square one. You learn all about which yarns to use, which needles are right for your projects, and then how to make that first slipknot and begin casting on.

Pictures guide you through the entire knitting process, so you never have to wonder what’s next or am I doing this right. You’ll see how to knit the English way and then the Continental way. Teach Yourself VISUALLY Knitting will take you step-by-step through all the basics of knitting. Before long, you will say you’re a knitter, too!

Sharon also includes easy stitches as well as lots of tips on doing all kinds of techniques that you thought were only for other knitters.

Everything is here! Whether you’re looking for rib stitches or lace knitting, felting or putting a sweater together, this book has you covered. Finishing techniques which are often overlooked, but very important to every knitting project, takes you through what you need to do to make your project sparkle.

The reviews are in, folks and they are all five star. Even if you’re not a beginning knitter, this book will teach you so many new and productive ways to get you motivated once again. Each picture has step-by-step instructions to give you the best understanding of everything you need to know about knitting.

It doesn’t get any easier than Teach Yourself VISUALLY Knitting and it’s about time! Be sure to pick up your copy today because once you own this book, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this before now.

This is just like having a knitting class right at home! Don’t waste your gas when you can learn knitting visually.

Happy knitting!


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