Knitting Bags for Everything and Everything In Its Place

Knitting has for me taken center-stage for many years. Really, I do believe there’s no getting through the day without the thought that somewhere along the line I will sit down with my needle and yarns. Ah bliss!

So whenever I travel, my knitting comes along. And so should yours! Whether it’s a 2-hour car trip to see relatives or travelling to work on the bus or train, there’s not a reason in the world that your favorite hobby shouldn’t go along for the ride.

The question now becomes, what are we taking our knitting projects in? And not just your needles and yarns. Don’t forget about the extra yarn, scissors, cable or dpn’s, tape measure, instructions, stitch markers, and even a crochet hook!  All of these have to go somewhere, but where?

Pink shopping bag 








You could do the plastic shopping bag thing. Do you know how many times I’ve poured all my knitting things into such a bag only to have the knitting needles “claw” their way out and leave you with a honey of a hole!  They may be quick fixes, but plastic bags surely don’t suffice.

So, I’ve devised this little list of knitting tote bags. Here you will find something for everyone.

Have a look. . .

GoKnit Pouch Project Bags in tons of colors.

These small knitting totes are perfect for bringing along your knitting and accessories. They are available in pink, purple, silver, red, yellow, turquoise, navy, green and camouflage.

These lightweight little gems hold your knitting projects securely. They close at the top drawstring-style.  Available in 3 different sizes, they each come with a strap that you can attach anywhere especially to your wrist. They are even machine washable and dryable!

Now there’s no more excuses for leaving your knitting behind!

Della Q Tote Bags are another great pick.

These bags are for smaller knitting projects and come in Red Rosemary, Purple Rosemary, and Brown Rosemary. Yarn easily pulls through the open top, yet your knitting stays safe and secure within. For larger projects, there is also an Agnes Extra Large Tote so you can safely transport that knitting project you just can’t put down. This tote is over-sized and has a zippered closure. Fill it with all your yarn and accessories; the interior pockets will hold it all!

Then there is the ArtBin Yarn Drum Isn’t this just yummy in periwinkle?   

These totes will hold up to eight skeins of yarn for you, and an interior pouch keeps your accessories secure. There’s a shoulder strap for transporting and you’re there!

ArtBin Drums are very cute and very fashionable. Even if you’re going down to your local yarn shop (LYS) for an afternoon of knitting with friends, you’ll get plenty of positive feedback on your knitting drum. Pick one up today for yourself!

Another must-have on my knitting list would be Bagsmith Project Tote Bag.


This tote is built around a metal frame that keeps your knitting work upright. There are clear vinyl pockets to fill up with all of your needles and accessories. Everything is right there for you so easily see and to get to. This bag is great for a variety of projects, big or small, and when you’re ready to go, just pick up your bagsmith and it converts to a tote on your shoulder. How easy for you!

These tote bags are a must-have if you are a serious knitter. Show the world what knitting means to you. These make perfect Christmas or birthday gifts, too!

Of course you can still use those shopping bags or diaper bags or shoe-boxes or wicker baskets or lunch-boxes or laundry bags or big-ol’ pocketbooks. They will never look as nice and probably not hold all of your knitting schtuff like one of these cute totes will!

Those bags are all for something else. You’re a knitter, so you need a knitting bag.

So, be sure to check one of them out today!  And, happy knitting!



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