Oh Happy Day!


 tree and menorah

Christmas is here. Hanukkah, too, and we are looking forward to celebrating a New Year soon. How quickly times goes by. How too often, we fly through our days hardly noticing the hours ticking by. Many endeavors fill our days; are we just filling up the days with “stuff” or are we using those hours in quality ways?

No matter the Season, there is always knitting. In this post, I want to share with you some “gifts” that we as knitters would just love to get. Or buy for ourselves.

Don’t you just love the picture of this shrug on the cover of this book, Best of Knit It: Favorites from the Editors of Knit It Magazine (Better Homes & Gardens Crafts)?  It’s the perfect lightweight cover-up to drop from your knitting needles and I should know, because I made mine about 5 years ago already! Easy to knit, and oh! so pretty. In fact, everything in this fabulous book by Better Homes and Gardens will make you very happy.  Be sure to pick up your very own copy right here!

As for some pretty knitting yarn, who can resist James C. Brett Marble Chunky Yarn?  It’s 100% acrylic and soft as can be. One skein (or ball) is enough for a beautiful wrap-around cowl. Marble Chunky comes in a variety of colors; I made a scarf just recently in their Blue Jeans color. It’s super-soft and knits up in no time! I know you’ll just love it.

Trust me when I say with 341 yards to play with, you can make an array of knitting treasures. From hats to baby sweaters, to scarves and cowls, to a blanket for kitty; there’s just no end to the knitting fun!

Don’t you just hate it when you’re in the middle of a complicated row and you absolutely positively need the scissors or tape measure right NOW! If you own The Knit Kit never again will you be searching around for your valuable knitting accessories.  And why is that? Because, they’re all in one little handy place.

Whether you’re flying or driving or just sitting on your couch, The Knit Kit has everything you always need right at your fingertips. There’s a Swiss army knife (TSA compliant, even), tape measure, scissors, crochet hook and more!

I could go on listing wonderful knitting “things” for you, but these are some of favorites!

Why not make one or two of them your favorites, too?

The year I graduated high school, 1969, there was a BIG hit on the radio called Oh Happy Day. Sung by the Edwin Hawkins Singers, it’s a beautiful spiritual which seemed so out of context with Jimi Hendrix and the Stones and Creedence Clearwater Revival. Yet, there it was, a top hit amidst all that rock ‘n roll!

Could be that’s because there is always a place for music such as this. Its message spoke to a lot of people that year. Just as knitting or learning to knit speaks to our hearts in ways we always understand.

Because, no matter the Season, there’s always a Reason . . . to be Knitting!






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