URGENT NOTICE – Never Be In the Dark Again With a Stitch Light!

In my recent blog post from November 8, 2012, I talked about how Superstorm Sandy devastated parts of New Jersey that I know so well.  In fact, I couldn’t even publish one word of my getting through the big blow, because for 5 days I was, too, without any electricity or cable service.
No Power sign

To that end, all I can say is thank God for generators! Mine happily chugged away on the side of the house without fail through some very dark and uncertain days following the storm. My husband tried coming home from where he works in NJ, and couldn’t get through because the main roads were closed! Luckily he actually made it down to Ocean County to stay with our son. Meanwhile, I was all alone with my dogs. (So really, not all alone!)

Cell phone coverage was sporadic, and eventually power was restored and trees were cut out of the roads and s-l-o-w-l-y daily life came back to a new normal. Gas stations were still in the dark, but here in northeast PA it wasn’t as bad as elsewhere.

Still, when the lights go out here, it’s dark!  No streetlights, homes in the woods with lots of land between, and not a lot of light, in general.  If you’re not prepared, then now’s a good time to assess what you need to do for the future.

For now, I want to tell you about the Stitch Light by Buffy Ann Designs .  It is the answer to your lighting dreams! The Stitch Light is a portable device, which gives you hours of soothing LED lighting for any project you’re working on. Just slip it around your neck for hours of guaranteed light for whatever you’re working on. Knitting, crocheting, needlepoint, a 1000-piece puzzle, walking your dog, organizing a scrapbook, closet cleaning, you name it; it you can think it up, the Stitch Light is for you!



Stitch Light by Buffy Ann Designs lets you adjust the strap around your neck to where you’re most comfortable. Even better, you can focus the light to be laser sharp or a pool of soft light for whatever project you need it for. The versatility of the little light is truly amazing. You can knit in bed without disturbing your hubby, or in the car or while flying, too!

The price is also right. Once you have one, you’ll probably want another, or at the very least, buy a few for family and friends.

So much better than flashlights!  In addition, there is a little attached bag to hold stitch markers, pins, or anything else you may need in a hurry.

Never be in the dark again. Be sure to Stitch Light by Buffy Ann Designs and get YOUR Stitch Light today, before they’re all gone!  

We knitters can never have enough good tools for our wonderful craft.  I just had to let you in on one of my very best knitting secrets!

Take your knitting to heart!



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