Hearts in All The Right Places

I’m sitting comfortably in my house waiting on snow. Some say 8”, some say more, some say over a foot. A blizzard (some say a historic blizzard) will happen east and north of here. Whatever happens, it will be all over by tomorrow at this time.

Winter has been benign this year, up til now. We have 2” of snow maybe all around and just the thought of having to shovel another pathway for the dogs makes me queasy. We’ve had big snow here many, many times before, so what’s another storm?


Beautiful winter sunset with snow and trees


Here’s hoping everyone is safe and sound and mostly at home.

I love being at home. Like Beth, the third of the four March sisters in Louisa May Alcott’s treasured “Little Women”, I love being home! There’s so much to do here. And I’m not talking laundry or dishes or vacuuming. Yes, there’s always something “domestic” to attend to; but for me, there is reading and music and knitting, and my dogs and writing and even being online. Not all the time, because being online can be a real time-waster, but there are articles to read and blogs to post to, and oodles of knitting stuff just waiting for me to find it.

Take reading, for instance. I love American and British history; right now I’m re-reading A Distant Mirror by Barbara Tuchman and Tower by Nigel Jones; the latter being a history all about the Tower of London. Then there’s my Lenten reading list, which will only be accomplished if I shut off the TV. Judging by what I see there, that won’t be hard to do.

My knitting projects range from scarves knit in mohair and soft acrylic yarns to dishcloths knit in cotton yarns, both solid and striping. I just picked up some new yarn at my favorite LYS in Milford PA.  I found the perfect little dress for my grand-daughter. The Cascade Ultra Pima Yarn that I bought is a deep purple. Should be perfect for a size 12-month dress!

I also have my eye on a sweet little sweater in multiple primary colors for Julia! Hopefully when I return for the kit next week, it will still be there! If not, I know another can be put together. That’s the beauty of your Local Yarn Shop. The goodies just keep coming!

Of course, while browsing around I came upon a gossamer little scarf knit with one skein of Feza yarn, their Tokyo line. Indigo blue. It self-styles as you knit. The effects are sublime!

So add THAT to my list! And the list goes on and on.

Piper and Scooter, my terrier and dachshund are both cozily sleeping right now. With one eye open. It must be a dog-thing. If a noisy car passes by or a doorbell should ring in a radio commercial, they’ll bark like crazy. Just to let me know, “hey mom, there could be someone outside! You better go check. “

When I spoke to my daughter less than two days ago, she said one of her cats, Tristan, who has been deaf and blind and tottling around since he was a kitten, was still okay. Then this morning I saw she had posted on Facebook that he was gone to kitty-heaven to be re-united with his brother Sebastian once more and forevermore! It just broke my heart.

Hearts will do that to you, you know. They can overflow with happiness and fulfillment, and they can be hurt so deeply, that you cannot even fathom how deep the wound goes.

Yet, if we hold fast to the loves in our lives, and they can be people-loves and material-loves, we will begin to understand that nothing lasts forever. We can for a time, surround ourselves with beauty and truth, all in the forms of who it is we love and what we love. If we live long enough, those people and things will be finely tuned and honed to an earthly perfection; one which will never be truly perfect on this earth, yet close enough.

And you will be envied. You will be looked upon as someone who “has it all” and someone who knows what matters and what doesn’t.

All because you know all about hearts in all the right places.






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