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Knitting is just such fun! Whether you are scarf knitting, afghan knitting, sweater knitting, baby knitting, Christmas knitting or any other knitting, there are countless patterns and knitting frills to keep you in stitches every day!

Usually, for the most part, thoughts don’t go beyond just knitting needles and yarn. Occasionally, when knitting a project that is something more than knit and purl, there are knitting “things” that can make all the difference. Some give real insight into the world of knitting, and others are just so helpful, you’ll wonder how you ever knitted without them.

I’ve come up with 7 of my absolute favorite knitting things. Perhaps you have a few of these or have used some of these; if you have, let me know what you think in the Comments box.

Whether beginner or a long-time knitter, we can all benefit from these 7 of my favorite knitting things.

#1  When I think about knitting books, there is just no end in sight!  Every day, it seems, that another new book on knitting is published. In fact, it can be quite overwhelming trying to keep up with what’s new and what’s worth it.

Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book is my very favorite knitting book. Why, you may ask? Simply because it has a little of everything knitting in its pages. There are wonderful explanatory pictures, so well done, you can teach yourself how to knit, right from this book.

Knitting stitches are included and I return to these again and again. All of the additional references are just second-to-none, and what an advantage to have them all in one place! There is no one I know who knits and doesn’t have something good to say about Vogue Knitting.  See for yourself!

#2  In the yarn department, one of my favorites is Caron’s Simply Soft Yarn. There isn’t anything you can’t make with this yarn, and it comes in the most beautiful of colors.

Like pistachio, blueberry, watermelon?  How about vanilla, blackberry or aqua mist? They’re all colors in Caron’s Simply Soft Yarn! And they look exactly like what they are named. Soft to the touch, you can knit for yourself or your family or grandkids and know they are getting the very best from you.

#3  Another great yarn to knit with is James C. Brett Marble Chunky yarn. I used this in their “blue jeans” color to whip up a one-skein scarf, and it’s so easy to knit with and looks great!  Just one skein makes lots of different accessories for your knitting wardrobe, and the color combinations are stunning.

Besides Blue Jeans, there’s Jeweltone, Lemon/Lime, Seashell, Autumn, and others, too! Once you’ve knit something with Marble Chunky yarn, you’ll be back for more, I guarantee it.

#4  My favorite knitting pattern of all time, is (drumroll, please) ‘feather and fan’.  Like black patent-leather shoes when I was growing up, this pattern is the ultimate in classic knitting. Feather and fan can be used for just about everything you knit, and that’s why it’s my favorite.

Knit up some scarves or afghans, baby blankets or incorporate it into sweaters and home décor, then take it to your local craft fair and see what happens. There’s more than one knitter out there that has won knitting awards based on this simple pattern. Simplicity truly is the key to good knitting!

#5  Knitting has lots of gadgets to its name, like stitch counters and little lights, but a ball winder is a must-have for anyone serious about knitting. This particular model is newly developed and easily creates yarn balls that pull from the center.

You can firmly clamp your ball-winder onto a table or chair or a bench, and it’s very easy to crank. I love what my yarn looks like once it’s been through a ball-winder, so be sure to pick one of these up for yourself!

#6  If you’re like me, then you love taking your knitting along for the ride. After all, there is never a time when we can’t be knitting. Of course, you can pile all your yarn and needles, and everything else, into a shopping bag, or grocery bag, but one of the nicest (and most useful) bags I’ve come across is the Bagsmith Famous Canvas Project Bag

Affordably priced, it holds everything you can think of, and even those things you can’t!  The folding metal frame keeps your bag upright for easy browsing, and there are pockets and side-panels for needles, accessories and yarns galore. Once you use a Bagsmith, there’s no going back (to those ugly plastic grocery bags with all the holes in them)!

#7  Knitting events abound all over the country. Every month there are places to visit and wonderful festivals to see that are not too far from any of us. Rhinebeck, NY is one of my very favorite knitting festivals.

Held in the Fall, all the knitting colors rival the beautiful autumn leaves which you’ll see here. Starting early in the morning, you’ll be busy at fiber, fleece and wool workshops that you never knew were out there. There are competitions and judging, and vendors at every corner. You will not have a more fun day if you could special-order one!

So, there they are. My 7 Favorite Knitting Things. Hope a few are favorites of yours, too!

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