March Malaise: A Scarf for One Last Gasp of Winter

Winter just won’t quit!  I think many of you will agree with me. This year we’ve seen more snow this month than all the other winter months. It gets a little tiring to keep waking up to cloudy, snowy, gloomy days.

Not being a particularly winter person, I long for sunny, warmer days. Around here, (eastern PA) good luck with that!  Most days are heavy clouds, temps in the low 30s, and a peek of sun for about 10 minutes, and that’s all you get! Snow showers daily, and what’s out there will-not-melt!  Very frustrating, especially when waiting for Spring.

There are crocus stems out there, because I’ve seen them. And the robins are back, because I hear them. But, aside from that, Spring has taken a vacation.

This month’s scarf is one last gasp for Winter!  I decided to knit it in Caron Simply Soft Autumn Maize color, because it reminds me of the sun I’m not seeing.  It’s a nice long length, perfect for those endlessly windy days, which just wreak havoc with our hair.

 I found this month’s pattern in a gem of a knitting book, entitled Lace From The Attic by Nancie Wiseman. This book contains some of the nicest lace patterns, which can be used alone or as edgings or added embellishments for just about anything you’re knitting.


March Scarf

I would love to just give you the pattern here, but copyright laws being what they are, I can tell you that it is on Page 40 and is titled Heart Lace #2.  There are 16 rows that you repeat until you get to your desired length; then just bind off. I began by casting on 30 stitches.  It’s a very easy pattern to follow, with lots of “yo’s” and “k2togs” which to my mind are the essence of knitting!


March Scarf side view

You’ll start to see a leaf motif appear. A lot like what awaits us in the coming months. Sooner, I hope, rather than later. And may this be Winter’s last gasp! At least we can say we have a scarf for that.

Take your knitting to heart!



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