April Raindrops Scarf

April is a pretty month. Often it starts out as quite stark and gray; not a lot going on outside. Inevitably though, the warmth of the sun begins to make its way through the bare trees and soften the earth and warm the air. Sunny days are interspersed with rainy ones and this year those haven’t been too prevalent. Just enough I’d say; when the bare ground gets crunchy-dry underfoot, along comes some more rain to moisten the tinderbox. Slowly, the grass begins to turn green. Then little daffodil heads poke out of the ground, followed by tulips and dogwood trees. Reddish buds appear on smaller trees getting all ready to pop out in one of Spring’s warmer days. When the breeze blows you can see the pollen blowing overhead. It’s a sure sign of real Spring when the sneezing begins!

For April’s Scarf, I decided to finish a scarf I started a few years back, then for reasons unknown (even to me!), put away. The yarn I used was Lion Brand Trellis yarn, a pretty ribbon yarn, which has been discontinued. (Don’t ya’ know!)  But, the good news is that any ribbon yarn will do and there are many colors to choose from. In fact if you search on eBay or Craigslist, et. al., you may find Trellis yarn or other ribbon yarn for sale.  In looking around on Amazon, I came across Knitting Fever Dazzle Metallic Ladder yarn in a blue-pink combination which is very similar to the Stained Glass Trellis yarn I am using.


Raindrop Scarf

April Raindrops Scarf

Ribbon yarn – 2  (1-3/4 ) oz. skeins
Size 10-1/2 needles


Cast on 30 stitches
Knit 10 rows.
Row 11:  K1, yo 3x, * repeat from * to end.
Row 12: Knit each knit stitch, dropping the yo’s off the needle.
Knit next 10 rows, then repeat Rows 11 and 12.

Continue in this pattern for desired length. Bind off all stitches and weave in ends. You may wish to fringe or not. Either way, this scarf is a stunner!


Drop Stitch knit scarf pattern

These yarns are quite easy to knit with, but be sure to watch your stitches. Once in a while, your needle will have the tendency to travel beyond where it should be going, and bring a few extra stitches with it. You’ll see this if it’s happening, so not to worry.

The ribbon yarn reminds me of raindrops which are so indicative of April weather. Of course, depending on where you live, there can still be snowdrops falling from the sky. This year, winter has been making a slow retreat. (Really, goodbye, already!) Even here in northeast PA, some mornings threaten snow rather than rain. In the coming months, we’ll be moving to sea-level weather once again; being more than 1000 ft. above sea-level makes a lot of difference in what you get in the way of snow or rain.

So, look around for ribbon yarn or click the link above or the pictures below. And no matter the day or season, take your knitting to heart!

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