Cupcakes and Grace for a First Birthday

Just For Fun Knitted Projects

Nothing makes my day quite like knitting! Well, maybe a good cup of tea. But, if I can’t find some time in the day to pick up my needles and yarn, something’s wrong!
We all lead busy and productive lives, and there should be something that captures our attention when work is done. Developing a worthwhile hobby is a key to growing older gracefully. It’s here we can delve deep; here we can give all of our attention when problems arise elsewhere and we have no ready solution.

Knitting is easy and fun. Master the basic stitches and you can produce magic with all of the beautiful yarns out there.


Julia Dress

For instance, I just finished this dress for my granddaughter, who will turn one on May 23rd. Imagine being just one!
This is called the Grace Toddler Dress and I took the pattern out of the Summer 2011 Love of Knitting magazine. You can buy back issues here.

This little dress is so cute and knits up exactly the same way. FYI, the sleeves in the photo from the magazine are all trellis stitch, and the pattern instructions tell you to switch to a stockinette stitch; hence, when you are done knitting the sleeves they will look different from the magazine picture. Or, you could continue in the trellis stitch for the entire sleeve, as shown in the magazine. (Their mistake.)

Either way, the dress knits up quickly and I used Cascade Yarn which is 100% pima cotton. It’s light and airy and comes in many colors.

Here on the sleeves I sewed a few pink roses. Piper, my terrier decided to help me out. She’s never far from my side. I couldn’t resist her little pawsies daintily placed when I was ready to snap a picture. She just came over and sat down!


Purple dress with rose on sleeve


Piper's paws on  Julia's dress
Piper is very protective of Julia whenever we visit; so I think somehow she sensed that this little dress is for her favorite pixie!  And of course, always have a knitting label to sew into your projects. Like this:


Knitting label

Why stop at one knitting project when you can double your fun? That’s why I also knit Julia her very own Cupcake Blanket. Isn’t it just adorable???


Cupcake blanket for Julia

I used one block pattern for the entire blanket; just worked with five different colors in Simply Soft yarn.  Then I stitched all the blocks carefully together and here you have it.

This is a close-up of a few of the “cupcakes”. I love it; how about you?


blocks of cupcakes


Be sure to visit Down Cloverlaine  where I found this cupcake pattern; there are many cute knitting projects there.

I’m so glad these are done early; now I can knit another Cupcake Blanket for Julia’s BFF,  and think about what I’m going to knit for Grandchild #2, due in December!

Exciting!!  Remember, to take your knitting to heart!

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