2014 . . .Can You Hear Me Now?

Really!  Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years just came and went! Look behind you, there they are!

This time of year is just perfect for new beginnings. It’s a time to clean closets and throw out old stuff when putting away all the decorations. In my house it’s such fun to decide where everything goes. Certain items look good grouped together and sitting under a particular picture or painting. Collectibles, such as blue glass or bride dolls adorn their own special corners. As a former innkeeper, it’s all in the details! Little things make all the difference.


kitten in yarn

Besides throwing out, there is also organizing which can be a real eye-opener. Suddenly, that yarn you’ve held on to for years and done nothing with, can finally be laid to rest. Same goes for knitting patterns we’ve all collected and vowed to “make”. Someday. Only someday came and went quite a while ago, and it’s on to new things, so goodbye patterns!

In thinking about all this putting away and organizing, I’m thinking about how the world of knitting has changed in the last 1o years! Along with just about every other “world”, due to the I-n-t-e-r-n-e-t.  I LOVE being online! Couldn’t live without it anymore. When you’ve got a question, “google it”, we say. Pay your bills and check your bank accounts, too. Read favorite articles and newspapers or just see who’s passed on. Where would we be without the Internet?

Not too long ago, if you wanted a new knitting pattern you had to buy a magazine and hope they had what you were looking for.  Then you could make the trip to a yarn shop and pray they carried the yarn in the color you loved. Or you could order it and hope to receive it within the month.

If that all sounds like ancient history, it is! Thanks to some of the best online knitting sites, and other sites where knitters go, there is no end to the fun we have online!

Take Facebook, for instance. Most of us use it, have our own FB page, and friends, and love to say a few words now and then. All of the major knitting sites use Facebook; knitting bloggers like myself use it to drive traffic to new posts, designers know it’s a great way to advertise their new creations, and our world has been transformed by the easy access of social media in all our lives.

Then there’s Twitter.  It’s like a giant chat room where you can find out anything in the click of a link! If you are looking for knitting trends and what’s new today, it’s the best! You’ll get a worldwide perspective on anything and everything, it just amazes me!

For us knitters Ravelry is one of my favorite places. Here you can look for patterns, designers, and other knitters who love what you love. What could be better! Here you can create your own personal space on Ravelry or just link to your own blog. Either way it’s a wonderful way to communicate with other knitters every day.

Craftsy is another innovative craft site. Here you can find learning material for everything knitting under the sun!  Tutorials show you just how to do something, and you can also find classes for virtually anything you’re interested in. If all you want are patterns, they’re there too! The fun never stops.


teacups and yarn

For organizing all of your fun, Pinterest is one of my favorite sites. Here you can show your truly creative bent! Let others know what you love and what is dear to your heart. Then, on a snowy winter day, when you’re stuck inside, travel to Pinterest and see what’s new! Just thinking up new idea boards is half the fun; the other half is pinning all those pictures to your boards! Search for yarn or designers, color or patterns, the list goes on and on!

Never again will knitters be stuck in the background hoping someone will pay attention to them. We have the world at our fingertips, literally! So head on out to one of the sites I just mentioned or click on over to Scarf Knitting, and see what’s new!

As always, take your knitting to heart!



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