Knitting Like It Was Yesterday

I must be in a reflective mood. Who knows, what with all the talk of the Beatles coming to America fifty years ago already, makes me think back on a lot
of different things. All of their #1 hits, I played them hundreds of times on my record player and listened on my little transistor radio. I was there; I remember that.

All You Need Is Love
How nothing stays the same, for instance. No matter how long something is there, or goes on, it’s always moving away from what it started out as and just when you get comfortable with it, it goes away.

Just in the past two months, a number of radio and TV personalities that I so enjoyed listening to for years, have retired or been fired.

John Gambling on WOR radio in NYC is one. Now in his early sixties, he announced in November that he was taking the high road in mid-December. WOR had hosted Gamblings in the morning for decades; so his leaving was truly the end of an era.

Another example would be Discover the Word. A fifteen-minute radio segment at 7:15 a.m. was where Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews and Mart DeHaan would “sit around the breakfast table” and discuss Biblical passages with great insight and reflectiveness. Two weeks ago, Haddon and Alice announced they also were retiring. So, again, out of the blue . . .

Lastly, Jay Leno. I so enjoyed his late show; whether I watched it “live” or on dvr, he is such a one-of-a-kind comedian. NBC decided they didn’t want anyone his age anymore; so off you go Jay!

Through it all, I’ve been knitting. Accumulating squares for a baby blanket, finishing several scarves I started then put aside, starting another feather-and-fan “lapghan” for my Etsy shop.

Looking through my knitting magazines and books for new patterns and inspirations. Stopping in my favorite LYS (local yarn shop) for any new yarn
which literally catches my eye. I’ve found some beauties!

Knitting stays the same. Just like my cup of tea. (Make that four cups of tea, every day.) Knowing that when everything else is done, and the time has come to sit down with the dogs close by, one snuggled close in this very cold Winter season, just picking up my knitting needles to knit once more.

Pretty colors of soft pink, yellow, purple, blue and green. A sublime sport yarn called “Cool Baby” which reminds me more of the ocean than baby boys. Gorgeous colors, and so many varieties that picking just one becomes a problem! Not a day goes by that I’m not thinking of my knitting! It’s such a beautiful craft and one that is easy to learn and chock-full of never-ending ideas!

So, let the radio and TV shows come and go, let the years slide by, let each week begin and end, and let the days quietly melt away. As they do keep your
passion close to your heart. Mine is knitting; well, it’s one of my passions. Before you know it, another project will be complete and you will be on to
another one, new and challenging!

Life goes on and things come and things go. Just knowing I can always have a knitting project on my needles in all the comfort I need! As always, take YOUR knitting to heart!

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