What Is Your Favorite Yarn to Knit With?

Don’t you love all of the choices we have? Everywhere we go there are mounds of goodies to be had! Just walking into any supermarket I am still struck with everything that is there! It’s truly amazing. A cheese shop, the deli, baked breads and a bakery, a pharmacy, produce, household goods, flowers and plants, food-to-go, and aisles and aisles of canned and packaged foods.

Try choosing a cereal, quick! Or even dog or cat food. What do I like, what’s the best price, the highest quality for the money? It’s not always easy making these decisions. It’s the same way with knitting.

DeciBreadssions abound the minute you decide on a new project. Sometimes, just THAT is the biggest decision of all! Once you’ve made up your mind, then getting your tools in order is priority #1. And yarn is the biggest priority of all.

Occasionally, instructions will call for only one type of yarn to be used in a project. But when knitting scarves or afghans, baby blankets or sweaters, you have a lot of lee-way as to which yarn to use.

So, just what is your favorite yarn to knit with?

There are many different fibers of yarn, as we all know. There’s wool, cotton, acrylic, silk, and many blends to make us more dizzy as we go! And of course, there are different types of yarn, such as bulky, lace, sport and worsted. (Look for future articles on all of these.) Certain projects look great knitted in specific yarns. To knit a baby blanket, for instance, in a bulky yarn, would not be a good idea. Certainly, it would look funny and that’s not what we are aiming for.

So, just what is your favorite yarn to knit with?

Knitted Hearts

For me, Caron’s Simply Soft yarn is my favorite yarn to knit with. I guess it’s the versatility of it all. Simply Soft is 100% acrylic. Years ago the only acrylic yarn you could find was very itchy indeed. Nothing you would want close to your skin! Over the years companies have perfected yarns and one of the results is Caron’s beautiful yarns in acrylic.

Then, you have all of the color choices available. Are you looking for a “blue mint”? How about “lemonade” or “autumn red”? Watermelon, anyone? Black or white, brown or tan, burgundy or green, it’s all here!

Knitting with Simply Soft yarn is the best part of all. Why you can knit afghans, sweaters, blankets, wrist-warmers, hats, scarves, and just about anything else you can think up!

So, here’s what I want to know from YOU! Tell me, what is YOUR favorite yarn to knit with! And, what do you knit with it?

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