Knitting Without Knitting, A Book Review About “Yarns”

We all love to knit! There never seems to be enough time in the day to pick up our needles and yarn and go to it. Many times we leave knitting for the end of a day when all other “work” has been done; then after a few rows we’re so tired we can’t go on for much longer! Has that happened to you? I know I’m in that club.

Hearts galore

Occasionally, there is something other than knitting that is just as fulfilling. Something that binds us all together; that helps to connect us not only to our knitting, but to others all around us as well. Words like “sweet” and “comforting”, “cozy” and “gift-giving” are so central to our lives. We knit because we love to GIVE. Give to ourselves, give to our families, our friends, to people we never meet and never know. We knit because we want others to learn to knit, too; to catch that “knitting fever” like we have!

One of knitting’s newer books to come along is entitled Knitting Yarns: Writers on Knitting. Here is a wonderful book, a collection of essays that speak to our crafty hearts, that brings out new perspectives on what we do in our spare time.

In Knitting Yarns, editor Ann Hood has brought together wonderful stories from many gifted authors that covers a wide range of emotions that all of us experience; all of us know. From the stresses of daily life, to life-threatening illnesses and everything in between, there is an essay here that will speak to each one of us.

What these essays point out about us are not only our triumphs but our disasters, too! Some are truly bittersweet; others will have you laughing out loud, still others will leave you stunned. Through them all, the essence of knitting is found. That ethereal thread that winds its way through all of our lives is here.

So, stop right now, and get  Knitting Yarns: Writers on Knitting!  I highly recommend it. Favorite writers are here for you, ladies and gents; Elizabeth Berg, Joyce Maynard, Jane Smiley and so many more! Twenty-seven in all. Their words will transform your knitting lives!

Why, oh why does knitting have such a place in many writer’s hearts? Read this book, and you will know why; you will have your answer. You can truly “take your knitting to heart”!

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