Tote That Load: Yarn and All!

Does your living room look like mine? If you are a knitter, I’ll bet it does. Let me guess, knitting needles strewn on end tables, instruction books willy-nilly, and of course, yarn everywhere! Oh, I organize it as best I can, but every day it gets re-arranged according to my current knitting project. In one of my bedrooms I have an armoirefilled to the brim with more yarn, more needles, more books, more knitting!

Point me in the direction of a local yarn store and here come’s more yarn! But it’s when I sit down to knit, that I like things right at arm’s length.

After a while, I’ve got quite the mess. What to do?

Well, here’s a nifty solution!

ArtBin has the BEST yarn tote going. This tote bag looks just a large drum. Best of all, it’s easy to carry! In the bin itself you can store up to eight standard sized skeins of yarn. When you are working on a project, there are 4 holes where your yarn comes through, so everything is nice and neat!


Knitters like us love to take our knitting with us whenever we go out. Having the ArtBin along for the ride keeps all of your knitting supplies in one easy place. Whether you are in the car, SUV, RV, camping out, hotel, in-laws, or on the beach, you can fling the ArtBin over your shoulder or just use the easy grip handles. This lightweight tote goes to your knitting class or your daughter’s ballet class, not to mention your son’s baseball game.

Included with the yarn tote is an accessory pouch for smaller needles, scissors, tape measure, kleenex, extra diapers, you name it! Everything is zip up and zip down for easy access! Best of all, you can keep your knitting work-in-progress (WIP) inside of the tote too! It fits handily right in the side.

hands knitting a red scarf



You don’t need to settle for just boring black or white. ArtBin yarn totes come in raspberry, periwinkle and pink. Pick your color!

I’ve seen other yarn totes that are less money than ArtBin, but they are also less quality, too. I’ve always pledged to only bring you the BEST in knitting advice, and owning an ArtBin is a real plus! Take it from me. That’s another thing; I never recommend a product to you unless I own it!

So, before you forget, click on over to get your very own ArtBin yarn tote. Reasonably priced, very trendy, and all of your knitting supplies in one place. Grab it and go, ladies and gents!

You’ve got places to knit!

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