3 Most Popular Knitting Stitches

I love to look around the Web and see what other knitters are searching for. What IS it that is the burning knit question?

Knitting is such a beautiful craft, I could talk about it all day long! There’s so much to see. Just waltz into a knitting shop, and you won’t take two steps in before you’re thoroughly overwhelmed with a fiber and color explosion! Everywhere you look you’ll see gorgeous skeins of yarn, artfully draped here and there to grab your attention. Little samples will be hanging for you to look at, with racks of finished sweaters and scarves by the owner and her knitting minions.

Then you see the needles; straight, metal, bamboo, wood, circular, double pointed, cable, tapestry. It can get quite confusing! Usually near the cash register are all the magazines and books. Talk about perplexity! Should I try this pattern or that? I’ve always wanted to make that Shetland shawl, yet those stitches look awfully difficult. Oh, this color sweater is simply divine! I’ll try this.

how to knit book

I have an armoire full of books, some of which I’ve hardly glanced through; magazines pile up too, until I pull out what I think I may knit and throw all the rest away. This little book is one I bought way back, (and I mean way back!) when I was in high school. It’s from Coats & Clark and it taught me how to knit. Literally. I don’t think I’ll ever throw this one away; it means too much to me!


learn to knit pages


Maybe because it starts with all of knitting’s “first things”. From introducing you to the basic tools needed for knitting, to “what to do with your right hand” and “what to do with your left hand” when casting on and starting to knit. Picture by picture, over and over, until I finally mastered it! Today, there are so many good books to teach you how to knit, and you can see one here on my post about Learn to Knit, Love to Knit.


Which brings me to my most popular stitch. The number one! We know what it is. In fact, without it, I don’t know if we would have most of the others. It is the KNIT STITCH. Basic and simple, it forms the foundation for everything else. Here it is here, notice the simplicity of it, how each stitch forms its  own little “V” and depending on the size of your needle these “Vs” will be easy or not-so-easy to count.  picture of the knit stitchThe Purl Stitch


Of course the reverse side of the knit stitch is the purl stitch. The other BASIC stitch. You can’t have one without the other, the songs goes. Here is what the purl stitch looks like, very horizontal, very nicely woven when done correctly. In fact your purl stitch is the perfect background for cable stitches, because cable stitches “pop” off of the fabric, and purl is just perfect for popping!





Which brings me to #3! The third most popular knitting stitch. Which one is it?! Well . . . you decide!


red question mark

Tell me what do YOU think is the 3rd most popular knitting stitch? Could it be SSK or K2tog, SK2P, or a yarnover? Or is it a cable stitch or a combination of stitches that create a diamond pattern or the mighty chevron? (I love that stitch). YOU tell me!

If you need any help, be sure to click on over to a brand-new knitting book, all about stitches, called Beginners Handbook of Knitting Stitches: Learn How to Knit Great New Stitches. It’s newly published, just this week, and it’s less than $3.00 to download to your Kindle or Kindle for PC!  You’ll find dozens of great stitches, some of which are new and some of which you’ve probably forgotten all about! I know I did!

So, be sure to Facebook or Twitter me below, and tell me, what is the THIRD MOST POPULAR KNITTING STITCH?

As always, take your knitting to heart!


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