5 Things I Hate About Knitting!

What?!  Things I hate about knitting ? ? ? ? How can that possibly be? I love to knit; think it about it all day long, my projects, the yarn, what I’ll knit next. It’s never-ending. Especially who I will knit for.

So, there’s my dilemma. Who would’ve thought! Hobbies and interests are things we create for ourselves because we love them, because they have worked for us in the past and we thoroughly enjoy spending the hours of our day immersed in their pleasures. Too few hours oftentimes!

So, if you’ve been thinking about your knitting or put a project away, now’s the time to pick it up again and start knitting. Spring has finally sprung, and hopefully you will come across some “put-away knitting” in your housecleaning! If not, then follow the links here to expanding your knitting knowledge! It’s a win-win.

So, what about those 5 reasons to hate knitting?

Without further ado, let me get the big one out of the way. Reason #1 I hate to knit is because I’m a perfectionist! Aren’t we all? Don’t we love to create something perfectly! Whatever it is, it HAS to be right or it’s wrong. I hate it when I look down at my knitting and there it is! That little mistake which is screaming from the sidelines! I see it, and I know everyone will too!

Usually it’s because I wasn’t paying close attention to the rows or a border, or the phone rang or my dogs barked, or the teakettle is singing or some such. Inevitably, I don’t catch it right away, but when I do, I just HAVE to go back and fix it. Don’t you? I HATE that!

Reason #2 is knitting is such a limitless hobby if you can think it up, you can knit it, too. Sweaters, afghans, baby items and scarves are great, but nowadays curtains, rugs, flowers, toys, jewelry, and on and on; there’s a pattern for that!

Bowl of yarn

Not to mention all of the knitting stitches you encounter. Most are easy to master, they are a combination of little stitches are thrown together which create your unique pattern. See my previous post titled “5 Not-to-Missed Knitting Stitches” for some great examples! Some stitches great for beginners; some stitches still can be a challenge even after many years. Frustrating. But I give it my all. That’s all you can do.

Something else I’m not too fond of is Reason #3. Occasionally, when browsing through knitting magazines I will come across a pattern that is simply divine! Don’t you find this to be true, too?! It’s simply perfect for what I’d like to knit next; then I go to the pattern info page and find out that the yarn costs $80 per skein. And it calls for 10 skeins.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m NOT spending that kind of money on yarn. I’d sooner buy some sheep! That’s why there’s something called “yarn substitution.” Don’t ever be afraid to use iIntarsia patternt!


Reason #4, I’m loathe to admit, there are some areas of knitting that I’m not very good at. Some I’ve never even tried. I’m not a sock knitter. I have never tried intarsia knitting, which is color knitting, where you work with large areas of color. This is where you have geometric shapes and other creations such as fruits and flowers. Very pretty, but quite complicated, and well, . . . not for me.

There are so many beautiful patterns to knit for afghans, curtains, scarves, sweaters, vests, cowls, baby blankets and grand daughter things, that I’m full up!

Which leads to my last Reason I hate knitting, #5. Not enough time! Never enough hours in the day to finally sit down and knit. Every day, it seems, there are more patterns to find and beautiful ideas for knitting, but wait! I’m already working on four things now. If I add to my knitting list, something will be left behind, for sure!

Pretty Clock


In an ideal world, I could knit all day long. That’s why a hobby is so much fun. Half the pleasure is in the anticipation! Just thinking about the moment when you can pick up your needles and yarn and start knitting again is what can make a lot of the “must-do’s” in life bearable.

I’m sure there are other reasons to “hate” knitting, but these are my top choices. You can tell me yours by clicking over to my Scarf Knitting Facebook and Twitter pages, or Google + too! Just use the buttons at the bottom of this post!

As always, take your knitting to heart! Because we really DO love our knitting!






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  1. Louise Saulnier says:

    Hi Alice,

    I, like you am a perfectionist. Sometimes, I wind up frogging almost to the beginning to fix a mistake I notice. It might not be noticed by anyone else but I know it’s there. So I frog and fix.

    • Hi Louise, yes it’s what we knitters do! I’ve gotten a lot better at it; now just about every row I knit is reviewed in full so nothing gets missed, but if I have to, it’s all coming out!