Where’s Your Knitting on Social Media?

I’ll say it again. Where IS your knitting on Social Media??

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We all know social media. We are all on social media. I’m sure not a day goes by that you or I don’t check out our social sites. You know the ones, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn. In fact, there are hundreds more!

The B-I-G social media sites are probably where we spend most of our time every day when online.  Seeing what our friends are up to. Finding some tips for everything we’re interested in. Even, in times of trouble, posting information so others can find it. Or find us. There really is a LOT of good things to say about social media.

It’s unlike anything we’ve ever encountered before. Oh yes, there is the telephone, or the iPhone, or the cellphone. But, being able to post links and pictures, TELLING everyone how we are or how we feel instantly, is a new phenomenon. Even with TV and radio, WE could never interact in that way.

Socializing back in the day meant walking home from school (high school) with your best friend, and talking non-stop. Then once in the house, putting your books down and picking up the phone to talk to that same friend some more! For another hour at least. Oh, we had so much to say! Don’t ask me now what that was; I don’t remember . . .  but I recall our version of “texting” while in school. While moving from one class to the next, we would pass notes to each other while in transit. Of course, this would all have to be arranged ahead of time, so we would both be in the same hall or stairway at the same time! We interacted nevertheless, but it was different from today. There was no instant access, no immediate back-and-forth no matter what medium you were using.


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But, now we can. With whatever we are thinking about. Or learning. Or involved with. I love the idea of being able to tell a story or let everyone know what is going on today! It’s just fun, and in this crazy, fast world we live in, it’s nice to know there are some sites where I, and you, too, can be together!

Facebook is the best known of the social media sites, followed very closely by Twitter.

Then, there are sites such as Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and other “crafty” sites such as Ravelry and Craftsy and Etsy!

Do YOU use any of these sites??? Which ones are you most likely to post on, and tell my why?

I love Facebook, and Pinterest. You can also find me on Google+ and LinkedIn. That last one is more for the “professional” person, and I believe it’s not essential for my knitting site to be linked there, but I have a profile all the same.

There is also a site called About.Me that we all should be writing a bio for. I haven’t gotten to that yet either, but . . . there’s always tomorrow Scarlett!

So, tell me . . . which social media sites do you utilize? And, if you have a question about them, post it here or on my Facebook Scarfknitting page.

All knitters should know about Ravelry and Craftsy and Etsy as they are SO interesting. I could stay on these sites all day, just looking up info on patterns and yarn. We really do have a wealth of knitting info at our fingertips. Nothing like this was available when I was growing up. It is VERY beneficial!

Whatever you’re knitting right now, tell me about it on one those social sites. Post a picture, leave a comment, but please let me know!

As always, take your knitting to heart! (Then to social media!) Check out that “carousel” at the bottom of this post, for some of my recommendations on books for blogging and getting creative through social media! It is a real knitting revolution!

P.S. Remember, to let me know at Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any others, even in a comment here! Cheers!



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