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One of my very favorite things to do in mid-summer when I lived in Pennsylvania was to walk with my dogs to the beginning of our unpaved road, walk out onto the secondary road (which took you after a four-mile drive up to Rt. 6), cross over to the other side of that secondary road and stand there. Stock still.

country roads


There was a long, large field there with a few trees, an old tractor, and overgrown grass. It bordered on state lands so no one lived in that stretch of land. Just standing still and watching the sun play on the landscape, hear the birds and catch the hot breeze was one of the joys of my life while living there. Hardly a car would go by, if any. I would often think about how much of my life has gone by already, and how it came to be that I was living there. So far removed from when I was a little girl.

May 29th marks 9 years that my Mom has passed. She was a remarkable woman; very independent in what she thought and how she lived. She also was one of the most caring people I have ever known.


When we were kids, all of our neighborhood friends would inevitably end up in our backyard, and my Mom liked it like that. Many was the time she would come out with a cold glass of lemonade and just-baked chocolate chip cookies for all of the crowd. She volunteered with my Girl Scout troop and was even there when we did our summer camping at Camp Letico in the next town over.

My mother seemed to always be looking out for the underdog. Many was the time she told me to never comment on schoolmates who would come to class in hand-me-downs or shoes that seemed too big or were wearing old coats. The family was struggling to raise a big family and money was tight. She always had a kind word for people whom she didn’t even know, but would see in passing anyway. Her lessons have never left me.

As knitters we have a remarkable gift in our craft. Not only can we knit things for our families, friends, and neighbors, but we can always be thinking of those whom we’ve never met and never will; of people and pets who can benefit from what we do with a little yarn and some knitting needles.

I’ve made a list of the Top 5 Charity Knitting Sites that I like best of all of them online. Look them over and be sure, please, to click on over and see for yourself! So many people, so much knitting, so little time!

  1. Afghans for Afghans. This remarkable organization has been around for some time now, and they have helped countless Afghan people with knitted donations over the years. All of their information is available through their website.
  2. Project Linus. My grand daughters have numerous blankets and car blankies that I’ve knitted for them, just as yours do too, I’m sure! What does a little one love more when it’s time for bed than their favorite bear and blanket? Project Linus has chapters all over the USA, so find one near to where you live and help them out!
  3. Knit -a- Square If perhaps you can’t knit an entire blanket, how about a knitted square? These go into making blankets with other squares for AIDS children in Africa. So many are orphans, so many are poor, all of them break my heart. They will yours, too!
  4. Snuggles Project.  I own two shelter dogs, Piper, my black-and-white terrier, and Scooter my standard red dachshund. They are my babies! And they too have their blankies. Giving to this charity means shelter dogs and cats get to snuggle too. Homeless animals need our help every day and this is one way we can do that. And it raises awareness of how we can best help even those who can’t help themselves!
  5. Warm Up America!  For almost 25 years this organization has been donating knitted and crocheted items to those in need across the USA. Here, too, you can send in what you can and it will be added to create afghans and other items for people who are struggling right now in America!
Piper and Scooter

Piper & Scooter

Whichever charity you choose, you’ll find information on how and where to donate, as well as ideas for items and pictures and patterns, too!

I know we often don’t need to look very far in our communities to see the help we can be, but we can also be a knitting angel for people on the other side of this country and of the world! Give it try, won’t you?

I know my mother would approve! As always, take your knitting to heart!

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  1. Julia Dawn Mason says:

    I know that knitting lowers blood pressure and but knitting lace patterns will raise it. It will be 11 years this coming New year’s Eve since my mother passed away. I still feel like I could call her and talk to her but realize she will never again answer her phone.Growing up, I saw very few people named Julia, but see it very often now. It is my name but I went by my middle name Dawn.

    • Hi Dawn,
      Knitting lace is very easy to do if you don’t make it too complicated. Knitting and purling are the easiest of course, but we need extra variation! I have an easy lace pattern under the Scarf Patterns link and I will be adding more soon!
      I miss my mom every day, I SO wish she could she her great-grand daughters!
      Enjoy your weekend and your knitting! Alice