The Beginners Guide to Knitting: A Book Review

You know how it is. Seems a new knitting book comes along about every hour on the hour! You just can’t keep up. If you like hardcover, paperback, or digital, there is always something for you!


Just the other day, in my inbox, was a sample from Amazon for new knitting books. In taking a look-see, there was this very interesting knitting book all about how to knit for beginners. It’s called The Beginners Guide to Knitting: Learn How To Knit The Easy Way.  Of course, when I purchased and downloaded this ebook, I discovered there is SO much more! For everyone, not just beginning knitters! Don’t you just love books like that?!

Anyway, for a mere $2.99 you can get some invaluable information all about knitting! In addition to giving us a little knitting history, author Lilly Jones piques our interest by touching on all of knitting’s how-to’s. Chapters on yarn and needles, gauge and blocking, an entire chapter devoted to yarn, and reading knitting patterns, finishing techniques and bonus video’s. It is all here, and beautifully presented!

Knitting is so much fun, but there are many aspects to how to become a great knitter. In this book, you’ll find that all of your knitting questions are answered fully. Clear, precise instructions are always so helpful, and here they abound.

Judging by the rave reviews on Amazon, this is one knitting book you just HAVE to buy! Even experienced knitters like myself, and others are finding lots of super know-how in this book! Click HERE to buy it, and in under a minute you can be enjoying The Beginners Guide to Knitting by Lilly Jones, too!

As always, take your knitting to heart!


P.S. You know I only recommend to you what I purchase myself, so be sure to give yourself a little gift today!

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