Babies & Blankets; Knitting Perfection

Did you know that just about anything you see in your house can be knitted? I’m not talking about furniture or appliances, of course, but just looking around a room there’s plenty that can be knitted.

Nowadays, there’s a book or an instruction for all kinds of accessories, knick-knacks, possessions, “stuff” that we own. Pillows, curtains and rugs can surely be knitted as are bedspreads, afghans, doilies, and placemats. Even food and flowers are becoming very popular to knit.

One of my favorite things to create is a knitted baby blanket! After all, there is nothing cuter than a baby! Especially your own. A cherished grandchild or niece or nephew just can’t be beat! There are so many knitting patterns to choose from; some are much better than others, some are really not to be bothered with at all.

A few years ago I knitted about three or four blankets for my grand daughter Julia, one little purple one that she sleeps with every night and others that she uses downstairs or when traveling.

Baby blankets are fun and easy to knit; they are made with the softest yarn available! Some of my favorite yarn is Bernat Softee Baby. Yarn doesn’t get any softer than this! It comes in lots of pastel colors, just perfect for that wee little one just born. Another Bernat yarn is Baby Sport , in soft muted ombre colors.

Pipsqueak yarn by Bernat, is also so fun to knit with! This is a soft chunky baby yarn that you can use in so many ways. I alternated Pipsqueak with a soft acrylic yarn in the colors of my choosing to create a quick and easy baby blanket. Do you know how cute these look especially when given as gifts?! Your baby shower crowd will be very impressed!

pipsqueak baby blanket

Before I go, let me give you my pattern for my Julia Blanket. This is one of those baby blankets I knitted for my grand daughter a few years ago already! She will be 2 two years old in a few weeks! Time flies, that’s why you can’t wait!

Knit every day!

A Julia Blanket
White – Lion Brand Yarn Pound of Love – 1 skein
Assorted Pastel Worsted Wgt. – 5 colors – 1 skein ea.
Size 8 needles
CO 146 stitches

(yes, they do fit on straight needles)
Row 1 (ws) and all other WS rows: Purl.
Row 2: P2, *k9, yo, k1, yo, k3, sk2p, p2; rep from *
Row 4: P2, k10, yo, k1, yo, k2, sk2p, p2; rep from *.
Row 6: P2, *k3tog, k4, yo, k1, yo, k3 (yo, k1) twice, sk2p, p2; rep from *.
Row 8: P2, k3tog, k3, yo, k1, yo, k9, p2; rep from *.
Row 10: P2, *k3tog, k2, yo, k1, yo, k10, p2; rep from *.
Row 12: P2, *k3tog, (k1, yo) twice, k3, yo, k1, yo, k4, sk2p, p2; rep from *.Julia blanket
Repeat these 12 rows 3 times.
Purl next row.
Change to first pastel color yarn.

Row 1: Knit, decreasing at end of row by k3tog.
Row 2: Purl.
Row 3: K2tog (3x), *yo, k1, (6x), k2tog (6x), repeat from * across.
Row 4: Knit.
Repeat these 4 rows for ALL pastel colors.
Change to MC (white).

Begin with Row 2 of MC pattern, increasing 1 stitch on ea. end.
Continue Rows 3-12. Repeat Rows 1-12 2x more.
Change to pastel colors, and so on and so on, until desired length.


Let me know what kinds of baby blankets you knit and post those pictures to Scarf Knitting’s Facebook page.

As always, take your knitting to heart!






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