Knitters Move With the Times

Quote by  Courteny Thorne-Smith


Wasn’t it fun being young? Not that I’m ancient, by any standard, but there are things I just can’t do like I once did. How about you? Those were the days when we didn’t think about how young we were; it was just taken for granted. Looking back, I see how brief a time that was!

Knitting does keep you feeling young. Especially after seeing all of the things you’ve knitted! Looking at afghans and placemats, dishcloths, baby blankets, and scarves, I don’t remember knitting them specifically; yet the hours were spent once in my life to create these beauties!

Thank God I have relatively good health; just some allergy problems, which have plagued me all of my life. That, and the occasional pain, in my fingers or wrist, foot or leg, that comes out of nowhere, sticks around for a few minutes, then disappears as mysteriously as it came.

No matter what you do or who you are, taking care of yourself is so important with each passing year! I found a VERY interesting study by Dr. Salvatore Iaquinta; that keeping your hands moving is beneficial for your over-all health!

He didn’t have to tell us! Click here to read all about it.



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