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I have been knitting for most of my life. Now that I’m in my 60s, I love knowing I can make a real difference!

Maybe because I see all of the need around me. There is always someone to knit for. In your home, your family, your neighborhood, and across the world. And as a knitter, I can help out.

My love of knitting has prompted me to begin this new blog, with a special emphasis on scarf knitting. Scarves are so easy to knit, and I just love the many styles and variations that are so easily created! Plus, you can have quite the love affair with all of the sensational yarns; new ones seem to be “born” every day!

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I am a “Jersey Girl”, born and raised in this little state on the Atlantic Ocean with some years spent in New Hampshire and Pennsylvania, too. NJ is a beautiful state and very under-rated. Just walk along the ocean’s edge in Lavallette or Ship Bottom. Stroll on wooded paths off Rt. 29 between Lambertville and Frenchtown or stand in Jersey City and see Manhattan in all its glory.


Being creative has also been second nature to me! From the time I was in dancing school for 15 years while growing up, there has always been the pull to bring beauty to my world. I have been knitting for years, something my best friends mother introduced me to way back when we were in high school! Boy, that was a long time ago!



My mission statement is simple: are you all tangled up in your knitting? I have the secrets! Come, follow me!


That’s it! As a lifelong knitter and avid reader, I KNOW knitting. If you don’t see it here, just ask me.

From cross-stitch, to needlepoint, then to knitting, I can’t find enough hours in the day for all I wish to do. I’m SO glad there are places like my Etsy shop for you to visit. Here you’ll find my knitted creations as I make them! Be sure to stop by, but keep reading here FIRST!

Here are just a few examples of my knitting available at my Etsy shop! I love knitting afghans and scarves, of course, and if you’re looking for specific colors, please let me know!

Ocean Blue afghan

Ocean Blue afghan

Gossamer Morning scarf

Gossamer Morning scarf











My faith has brought me through some pretty tough times, and we all know about them. Right by the Lord’s side has been my husband, truly the love of my life! Bob & I have been married for almost 43 years! That’s hard to believe, yet where have all of the years gone?!

Our wedding picture


We have a beautiful daughter Stephanie who never ceases to delight, and a son Rob who is married to our second “daughter” Lisa.  They have two daughters, Julia and Marisa! These little girls are the very heart of our lives!


Julia & Marisa

Back in 2002, Bob & I decided to buy a bed and breakfast in NH; a 150-year-old Greek Revival with 10 bedrooms, wide plank floors, drawers in the walls and back stairs in two places. The windows were wavy due to their age and the history of the Inn seemed to be steeped in the presence of a “spirit”; someone sensed by myself and a few of our guests as well.

Decorating those rooms was a delight to me! Every room was adorned with its own afghan and the colors and the details were a never-ending passion. We are ever so glad that we had the opportunity to be “Innkeepers”! It’s a beautiful reality.

That reality brought me back to knitting. After learning how to sew clothes (I made all my dresses for my senior year in high school) it was only a short hop to learning how to knit! Many, many mistakes and pulled stitches later, most of my projects come through unscathed! I LOVE making things for everyone! Knitting is so versatile; you can create clothes and accessories and unique crafts for your home and lots of items for those most in need! The list is never-ending, but the hours in my day never total more than twenty-four!

One of my favorite songs is  “The Circle Game” by Joni Mitchell. Funny how life does seem to go in circles and just when you think you are “full up” with your life and can’t fit any more in, another door opens. That’s the secret to life. Always keep looking for the beauty to fill up your days!

I know with God’s grace you will find it. Somewhere in the midst of our busy days there are always quiet hours and joyous spaces, not to mention music and books that fill our lives. Learn to cultivate the good things in your life and you will discover that the more you have of these, the more will appear, and the more you will find!

Now, with the Internet and my passion for writing, my knitting has truly come full-circle! I will only give to you the very BEST that the wonderful world of knitting has to offer! New, different, trendy, classical, retro, full-of-life, it’s all here at Scarf Knitting!


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A big part of my Scarf Knitting philosophy centers around bringing you the best the knitting world has to offer. While I don’t “make” a lot of the products endorsed here, I own every single one of them and then report the results here for your benefit. I also review products such as knitting yarn, accessories, books and magazines.

Paid reviews are done with the same consideration as non-paid content and reviews. Besides finding the good in my reviews, oftentimes you will find the “not-so-good” as I strive only to give my readers the best resources that I find helpful.

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ScarfKnitting contains my honest opinion and thorough reviews, and I wouldn’t risk losing you as a reader by promoting anything that doesn’t meet my own standards. Affiliate links are simply a way for me to make a career of writing content on a topic I am passionate about – and doing it at not cost to you.

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