Autumn Knitting

 There is just something about October. It comes around every year, doesn’t it, and yet it is a welcome guest every time. Yes, summer is wonderful; warm and charming, a season where even a light sweater can feel overwhelmingly hot to the touch. Where I live, in northeast Pennsylvania, the humidity is often the thing. […]

If You Want to Hear the Quiet Just Glisten

I just can’t believe September is slipping away so quickly. I write this piece on my daughter’s 39th birthday! I cannot believe she is 39; what happened to that little girl with the curly hair and long eyelashes? So many years in between; memories of times, both good and not-so-good gone by; and of many […]

Once in a Blue Moon

Once in a Blue Moon Don’t ya know? We just had a blue moon. The last day of August, the 31st, was the second full moon in the month. Better known to all as a blue moon. Now that summer is coming to a close; seasons come and they go so quickly, I enjoy thinking […]