Late October Knitting Thoughts

If today is October 23rd, that means yesterday was my ♥ wedding anniversary ♥ and tomorrow is my birthday. I was married in 1972 which seems an awfully long time ago, but there’s been a awful lot of living that’s gone on here. Houses, children, pets, businesses, grandchildren, jobs, holidays, hospitals, deaths, births, celebrations, challenges, anxieties, horrors, […]

5 Places For Charity Knitting

Lately, I’ve had a lot on my mind. Thoughts of money, retirement, losses, lack of gains, and other lovely negative thoughts keep crossing my mind all day every day. I’ve got 10 irons in the fire and every time I pull one of them out it’s never enough, never hot, never where it needs to […]

Clear Your Mind & Organize Your Life

October is here, my knitters! And with it comes the THREAT of another hurricane heading to NJ. We’ll see; after all the TV stations love the hype and it’s good for their ratings, most of all! Now that the leaves will start to turn and slowly fall off the trees, aren’t there days when you […]

5 Ways To Increase Your Knitting Productivity

Knitters are the BEST people! (Don’t you LOVE that picture of Cary Grant? He was giving it his best try!) We love our craft, pick it up as often as we can, and wish that others would learn to knit with us! Some people over-plan, even with knitting, which turns out to be just a […]

Fun Update On My Knitting Reorganization Project

Wow! Just like that . . . it’s not summer anymore! I mean, it’s still summer – yet summer has moved on. We woke up yesterday to temps in the low 50s, yikes! It was cool all day, brilliant sun, yet not summery at all. Kids are back to school, even my grand daughter is […]

Product Review: Red Heart Unforgettable Yarn

Today we will be heading over to Seaside, NJ to bid a fond farewell to ONE BEAUTIFUL SUMMER!!  Like I commented on Facebook, it has been a superlatively spectacular summer in New Jersey this year! Every weekend has looked like this! We’ve been there a lot this year; and it has always been throbbing with […]

5 Tips for Getting the MOST Out of Your Knitting Space

My August Knitting Re-organization Project is coming along nicely. All month I have been busy cleaning, rearranging and organizing. It really is a GOOD feeling! My goal: the ideal knitting setup to increase my productivity and to improve my daily knitting and office workflow. On that note, here are 5 tips for getting the MOST […]

Knitting Stacks, Stuff & Stash – August Knitting Organization Project Part 4

All this re-organization gets to me. Personally. So much so that I’ve ended up with a touch of sciatica. All down my right leg with those lovely little twinges of pain which comes out out nowhere. All week long. Ack! If you are dealing with serious knitting clutter, read on! Could be all you need […]

My Own List of Knitting Organizers – August Knitting Organization Project Part 3

Just to show you how things go: last night I sat down with a Yankee Magazine from March/April 2015. LOVE this magazine, because it is all things New England and it takes me back to when my husband and I owned an Inn in New Hampshire about 10 years ago. You can read all about […]

Knitting Clutter Control – August Knitting Organization Project Part 2

So, it all started with this. We’ve been moved into our home in New Jersey for over 2 years already, and our second bedroom quickly became my junk haven. Everything I didn’t need or couldn’t figure out what to do with went there. Stuffed into the closet, the desk, the bookshelves and all of my […]