Cotton Candy Baby

It seems like only yesterday that my husband Bob and I traveled to West Windsor NJ to O’Neill’s Kennels to look for a new puppy. We saw the cutest little things all in their wooden pens; sleeping, looking well-fed and comfortable. Then we happened upon a pen full of Dalmatian puppies. If ever there are cute little dogs, these dotters are certainly in contention for first prize.

We picked one of the females, and took her home. Within weeks she was housebroken, and just the cutest little thing to take for a walk around the block. We named her Chelsea, and for almost 13 years she made us so happy! Dogs will do that to you, you know. Their unconditional love is always there for you; when you’re not feeling well, they sense that, and stick by your side until things are better.


Chelsea wearing her Doggles

I have so many pictures of my little girlie, and so many names I loved calling her. She could jump five feet into the air running after a stick, and just race around the backyard in sheer delight. One of the things she loved doing best of all, was terrorizing one of our backyard squirrels. He would actually sit on top of the wooden fence; I would open the back door and out that dog would fly! Right after that squirrel like she was going to catch it this time. But, she never did. Another of her all-time favorite things to do,  was to ride in the back seat of the car with her head out the window. Mind you, I never went over 25 mph, and the road I’m talking about is as rural as rural can be. But, she loved her car rides, and there was Heaven in her eyes when the breeze was blowing past her face.

A few weeks before she died, I took this picture of Chelsea wearing a simple scarf I donated to charity. It is knitted with Fun Fur Yarn, and all I did was alternate the white yarn with the pink yarn.  I cast on as many stitches as I chose, then just knit every row.  When it was finished it looked just like cotton candy, and I couldn’t resist putting it around Chel’s shoulders. Doesn’t she look like she’s smiling?


Chelsea wearing a pink and white scarf


She did that a lot, you know. Smiled. She just loved being with us, loved taking her walks, especially around the lake in Lakewood, NJ.  She was so full of energy all of the time, and would wait patiently for you whenever we went out to work. Then as you were pulling into the driveway, there would be her little head in the family room window, just watching and so happy that you were home once more.

She died very suddenly on us, on a Wednesday afternoon of a seizure. Gone, just like that. It was without a doubt, one of the worst days of my life. I can still recall the awfulness of the whole thing, but choose not to dwell on how Chelsea died, but on how Chelsea lived and loved.

All for us, always, as do my two little sweet dogs now. I will remember her always with a heart full of love, and smiles, and laughs.

All for Chelsea. My cotton candy baby.