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March Malaise: A Scarf for One Last Gasp of Winter

Winter just won’t quit!  I think many of you will agree with me. This year we’ve seen more snow this month than all the other winter months. It gets a little tiring to keep waking up to cloudy, snowy, gloomy days. Not being a particularly winter person, I long for sunny, warmer days. Around here, (eastern […]

Why Women Knit

Women have always been known for working with their hands. If we’re not doing intricate needlework, then it might be putting up preserves or canned food, or maybe mastering the fine arts of crochet and knitting. Housework is probably the one thing we all have in common; certainly nothing would get done if not by […]

7 of My Favorite Knitting Things

  Knitting is just such fun! Whether you are scarf knitting, afghan knitting, sweater knitting, baby knitting, Christmas knitting or any other knitting, there are countless patterns and knitting frills to keep you in stitches every day! Usually, for the most part, thoughts don’t go beyond just knitting needles and yarn. Occasionally, when knitting a […]