Archives for July 2013

Seashells by The Seashore Scarf

Summer beckons with its warm days and sultry nights. Especially when we get into the heart of summer, July and August, effort seems to want to fly out the window. And that’s okay. Stepping back from obligation and replacing it with possibilities often takes the pressure off. We usually strive so hard and taking a […]

So Much to Knit, So Little Time

Finally settling down in my new home. It’s a far cry from where we were living; no gravel roads, no deer, no turkeys, no vast spaces of woods and fields. Just suburban NJ in all its retail splendor. But, this is home, this is where I come from. Traffic can be a nightmare, but there’s […]

Fireworks Emeralds and All That Jazz

Scarves seem to be everywhere you look. Sometimes you see them in the most unusual of places. There seems to be no end to the colors and textures that scarves come in. Yet, I get the feeling if I purchase one of these store scarves, I’m going to be seeing myself coming and going. That’s […]