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Knitting A Memory In My Mind

When I was young, very young, my mother would take us to the library. Now, we had a library in the town we lived in New Jersey, but my mother came from Elizabeth, NJ and she loved going to their library. Here’s a picture of it below.   Practically regal, I would say. Sitting pretty […]

Knitting Without Knitting, A Book Review About “Yarns”

We all love to knit! There never seems to be enough time in the day to pick up our needles and yarn and go to it. Many times we leave knitting for the end of a day when all other “work” has been done; then after a few rows we’re so tired we can’t go […]

What Is Your Favorite Yarn to Knit With?

Don’t you love all of the choices we have? Everywhere we go there are mounds of goodies to be had! Just walking into any supermarket I am still struck with everything that is there! It’s truly amazing. A cheese shop, the deli, baked breads and a bakery, a pharmacy, produce, household goods, flowers and plants, […]

The Four Essential Knitting Tools

Some people say that the best gifts are those that come from the heart. And they would be right!  But let’s face it; a lot of us would want to receive something tangible; something we can see in the more physical sense. You think it’s impossible? Well, think again. Knitting is a technique practiced over […]

Knitting Like It Was Yesterday

I must be in a reflective mood. Who knows, what with all the talk of the Beatles coming to America fifty years ago already, makes me think back on a lot of different things. All of their #1 hits, I played them hundreds of times on my record player and listened on my little transistor […]

How Skilled a Knitter Are You?

What kind of a question is that! I’m a knitter, you’d say, and you’d be right.  Knitting for myself, for my family and perhaps friends, and I love to knit all kinds of things. Maybe you’ve knitted scarves or baby blankets, sweaters,  afghans or hats. Even doggie accessories, wrist-warmers or jewelry.   It’s February and […]

A Book Review of “Learn To Knit Love To Knit”

I know, I know, you buy the knitting needles and yarn, go online to a knitting help site, get that first stitch knotted on the needle, and think you’ll learn to knit within the hour.  After two hours (if you last that long), you’re thinking “there must be a better way!” Well, there is. In […]