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5 Not-To-Be-Missed Knitting Stitches

In my previous post,  “3 Most Popular Knitting Stitches”   we started at the beginning. With knit and purl. There is that third popular knitting stitch which I’ve asked all of YOU to tell me. In this post, I want to tell you all about the 5 not-to-be-missed knitting stitches. You will find these in just […]

3 Most Popular Knitting Stitches

I love to look around the Web and see what other knitters are searching for. What IS it that is the burning knit question? Knitting is such a beautiful craft, I could talk about it all day long! There’s so much to see. Just waltz into a knitting shop, and you won’t take two steps […]

Sparkly Spangle Scarf

There is nothing I love so much as sparkly knitting! It must remind me of beautiful jewelry; gorgeous gold pieces that shine, delightful bracelets that jingle and jangle and jaw-dropping rings that may or may not be precious gems. They sparkle all the same.   Knitting is so much fun, if you are not a […]

Tote That Load: Yarn and All!

Does your living room look like mine? If you are a knitter, I’ll bet it does. Let me guess, knitting needles strewn on end tables, instruction books willy-nilly, and of course, yarn everywhere! Oh, I organize it as best I can, but every day it gets re-arranged according to my current knitting project. In one […]