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Knitting Yarns for those Ghosts at the Inn

Ten years ago already, my husband and I owned an Inn in New Hampshire. Also, known as a bed and breakfast, it was a dream come true to be innkeepers! The inn itself is a beautiful, old Greek Revival home, which was built in 1853. It housed the family of Benjamin Prescott. There were ten […]


Top 5 Charity Knitting Sites Online

One of my very favorite things to do in mid-summer when I lived in Pennsylvania was to walk with my dogs to the beginning of our unpaved road, walk out onto the secondary road (which took you after a four-mile drive up to Rt. 6), cross over to the other side of that secondary road […]

Scarves and Shawls For Yarn Lovers Book Review

Simple is amazing! So says author Carri Hammett about her new book, “Scarves and Shawls For Yarn Lovers.” She’s absolutely right! Working with classic colors and the simplest of knitting stitches, you can create the most beautiful scarves and shawls you’ve ever seen. One of these days I will begin a real tutorial all about […]

Knitters Move With the Times

  Wasn’t it fun being young? Not that I’m ancient, by any standard, but there are things I just can’t do like I once did. How about you? Those were the days when we didn’t think about how young we were; it was just taken for granted. Looking back, I see how brief a time […]

Knitting and May Musings

Today feels like summer. Fans are spinning, doors are open, the sun is warm, very warm. Not a good day for a wool scarf, that’s for sure. Not even a good day to lay your almost-finished afghan across your knees to knit. Too hot. Well, they finally tore it down. Winkelmann’s, that is. The famous […]

Babies & Blankets; Knitting Perfection

Did you know that just about anything you see in your house can be knitted? I’m not talking about furniture or appliances, of course, but just looking around a room there’s plenty that can be knitted. Nowadays, there’s a book or an instruction for all kinds of accessories, knick-knacks, possessions, “stuff” that we own. Pillows, […]

Easy Lace Scarf Knitting Pattern

May is upon us, and the knitting is easy! Just for awhile we can put aside heavy yarn and bulky patterns and concentrate on those wispier, lighter knitting patterns which are so EASY to knit! This month is usually chock-full of many happy events. There’s Mother’s Day, of course, and always birthdays, too. Then there […]

The Beginners Guide to Knitting: A Book Review

You know how it is. Seems a new knitting book comes along about every hour on the hour! You just can’t keep up. If you like hardcover, paperback, or digital, there is always something for you!   Just the other day, in my inbox, was a sample from Amazon for new knitting books. In taking […]