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3 Artsy Knitting Tools and Accessories

Do we not just love the knitting life? Kind of like Strauss’ “The Artist’s Life”,  that most melodic of his waltzes. Filled as it is with yarn and needles, pattern books and instructions online, baskets and bags, the knitting life can get filled to the brim so we need to keep all our stash from […]

Secrets to Knitting Gift Mastery

Tomorrow is Summer!  Isn’t it wonderful! Warm, long days where you never need a sweater or a scarf, hats or mittens. Even afghans, one of my favorite things to knit, sit as decoration on the backs of chairs or sofas; waiting for the cooler weather. That doesn’t mean we can’t be busy knitting them. I’ve […]

Knitting Gifts Are Perfect Every Time

Can you believe that we are halfway through the month of June already? How can that be! It seems the daffodils were just sprouting up, and the last of Winter’s snow was melting. Here we are on the very edge of a new season, Summer! June 21st just happens to be my son’s birthday, so […]

Scratching Your Head Over Which Yarn to Use?

One of my very favorite things to do in life (aside from enjoying Christmas and holidays with my family) is to walk into a bona-fide yarn shop and browse around. It’s right up there with leafing through my favorite book shops!                             […]

Simply Soft Light Yarn Review

In a previous post about yarn, I talked about Carons’ Simply Soft yarn and why I love it so much! For me, it is just the most perfect yarn to knit with. Project after project can be knit with Simply Soft. Acrylic yarn is not always my first choice, but in this case, there’s nothing […]

Questions About Knitting Yarns? I’ve Got Answers!

Yarn, yarn, yarn, it’s all the same, right? Fibers may be animal or man-made, but whenever I knit something, it  should look okay with whatever yarn I use. Yes??  Well, . . . not exactly. And in some cases, NO! We all know about wool and cotton yarns. These basic yarns have been around forever. […]

Which Knitting Books Would YOU Buy?

Did you know that if you do a search on Amazon for “knitting books”, you will uncover 17,765 results?! Incredible! Which is very typical of search results for anything you are looking for. The Internet, in all its wisdom, gives us EVERYTHING we ask for! Well, almost. So, which knitting books should you buy? And […]