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Create Beautiful Knitting Gifts

Gift giving. We love getting gifts, don’t we? There’s nothing that comes back to me more clearly about my childhood than getting gifts. Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, gifts for getting the extra-special report card,  or losing a tooth,  or dancing the BEST recital dance that year. I L-O-V-E-D getting gifts. Must have been that narcissistic […]

5 Reasons to Go to Knitting Craft Fairs

Ever been to a craft fair? I mean any craft fair; especially those you find in late autumn when Christmas and holiday items are the big sellers! Whether you call them craft fairs, wool fests or knitting shows,  I just love browsing slowly past each table and practically memorizing what’s on each one. Some have […]

Do You Make These Mistakes When Knitting? Read on!

Mistakes? Knitting? Never! Me neither. Not me; I just kind of gloss over those little “holes” or pretend that dropped stitch will blend in with the rest of the pattern and look okay. We all knit the most perfect things; never a dropped stitch or a “hole” that appears out of the blue; we always […]

Summer Knitting Secrets to Dazzle

Okay, okay, so I had lots of knitting stuff planned yesterday. You know, finishing up a knitted place mat that I’ve been working on forever, then adding items to Etsy such as a Christmas afghan, then working on another Winter afghan which is coming along beautifully! 🙂   Did I get to any of it? […]