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Knitters Beware! Happiness to Follow . . .

Have you been busy? I’ll bet! Being well into December we’ve even passed the Hanukkah mark, which began two days ago. I’m not very familiar with the holiday, but Christmas . . . now that’s another story! For those who don’t participate or don’t know, Christmas at my house is all out! Every corner is […]

Swanky Scarf Christmas Knitting Pattern

Who isn’t busy this month? It’s a good thing too, because the weather (if you want to call it such) has been so HORRIBLE, you don’t notice it when you’re immersed in everything else. Really, just day after day of rain, snow showers, and the occasional snow burst, like we’re getting right now. Where the […]

Knitting Happiness, How Do You Get It?

Funny, how time flies. One minute it’s the Fourth of July and the next Christmas and the end-of-year holidays are right around the corner. Yet, my knitting just goes on. Some days are better than others, of course. You know what I’m talking about. Even now that I don’t “work” full-time outside my home, there […]

How to Give a Great Handmade Knitting Gift

Did you know as a knitter you qualify for DIY status? I don’t think you can claim that as a deduction on your taxes or anything (wouldn’t that be neat!) but it surely puts us in a very special category, one that not just anyone can claim. Of course because we love making something from […]

Finding New Knitting Products To Try

Knitting is yarn and needles, right? And maybe a pattern thrown in for good measure? Well, not hardly. 🙂 Knitting is SO much more than mere yarn and needles. That’s what makes it such a F-U-N hobby! There’s always something new to buy and use.  Whether you are sixteen or sixty, knitting never grows old. […]